Here’s how to afford to raise a child in Singapore!

Here’s how to afford to raise a child in Singapore!

Find out the best money-saving tips from the professional himself!

How to save (S$80,000) for your child's university in Singapore?

How much does it actually take to raise a child here?

How much should I save before I turn 30?

These are some of the many common questions young Singaporeans ask themselves when they've started thinking of the future ahead. Is it really that expensive to raise a child in Singapore?

Don't fret – Mr Rohith Murthy, Co-Founder and Managing Director of, will be answering some of your common queries on money-saving and he'll be sharing tips on making the right financial choices on the theAsianparent Community app, Wednesday 22 June, 2pm SGT. Your questions will be answered while broadcasting live on the 22nd. So post your questions already!

Make the right financial choices for your child

Most parents are worried for their child's education and find it difficult to manage expenses and yet, they still look for a bright future for their children. This live Q&A can be a great opportunity for you to learn more on making the right financial choices as he will be speaking more about saving for your child’s university education (8 step plan).

$1m to raise a child in Singapore

Did you know?

In 2030, attending university in Singapore will cost up to 70 per cent of your annual income. According to a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the cost of a university education in Singapore is set to rise.

It’s estimated that, by 2030, a four-year degree will cost as much as 70.2 per cent of an individual’s annual income. University fees have been rising non-stop since 2010, a symptom of the general rise in cost of living.

Still, there are a number of ways Singaporeans can ensure their children get that degree. Rohith Murthy will lay out an 8 step plan for you during the live Q&A.

How to watch?

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$1m to raise a child in Singapore

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$1m to raise a child in Singapore

Step 4: Start posting questions you desperately need an answer to! Tune in to the session on the same page, on the stated date, and watch the expert answer your questions on live video!

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