Here's An Online Map That Pinpoints Coronavirus Infection Cases In Singapore

Here's An Online Map That Pinpoints Coronavirus Infection Cases In Singapore

It tracks the patterns of the infection.

Editor’s note: As of 6 Feb at 10 pm, Singapore has a total of 30 confirmed cases of the coronavirus infection. The Ministry of Health confirmed two more cases on Thursday evening with one who did not travel to China recently and does not seem to be linked to previous cases. The other case is linked to a conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore in January.

Here's An Online Map That Pinpoints Coronavirus Infection Cases In Singapore

Coronavirus Online Map: Map tracks patterns of the infection. | Photo: iStock

The latest updates on the ongoing coronavirus outbreak have not been uplifting, as the spread continues. In Singapore, the total number of confirmed local cases currently stands at 28, including a six-month-old baby whose parents are infected as well

The concerning bit is that signs of local transmissions have appeared. Four of the infected patients had no recent travel history to China, though they had “prolonged interaction” with recent travellers from China. The Ministry of Health (MOH) assured the public that there is no evidence of widespread community transmission in Singapore for now.  

Coronavirus Online Map: Is It Useful?

It is, however, pretty difficult to visualise just how broad the virus has branched out across the island. Found on Reddit, a local independent initiative has seen the creation of an interactive map of Singapore with pinpointed locations of infected cases based on publicly available information put out by MOH

coronavirus online map

PHOTO: SGWuhan screengrab

But what is the use of this data? In no way should it be an indication of places to shun and avoid — the map merely tracks the patterns of the infection.

The unknown author (or authors) have also included other data, including the places where infected patients were noted by the MOH to have visited. It does not track the real-time movements of the coronavirus victims, as it shouldn’t.

Still, it’s not an officially recognised infographic, so we can’t vouch for its accuracy. The more important thing for members of the public to know is to remember observing good personal hygiene such as frequently washing their hands with soap.

Here's An Online Map That Pinpoints Coronavirus Infection Cases In Singapore

Photo: iStock

They should also wear a mask if they have respiratory symptoms such as a cough or shortness of breath, and seek medical attention promptly if they are feeling unwell. Stay indoors if possible, even if you can’t get your hands on an erotic hentai video game being given out to Chinese gamers for free.  

This post was first published on AsiaOne and was republished on theAsianparent with permission. 

Lead image credits to SGWuhan screengrab.

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