4 ways to convince your husband to have a baby

4 ways to convince your husband to have a baby

Ready for the next step in marriage? Use these simple tips to convince your husband to actually want a baby.

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Find out how to convince your husband to have a baby

Expanding the family

Babies change the lives of couples forever. They bring a lot of happiness and joy to the family in a way that only they could make possible. Unfortunately, not all husbands are keen on having a baby. But if you are ready and prepared, here’s what you can do to have a higher chance of convincing your husband to have a baby:

Ask him about his fears

If your husband is hesitant with the idea of raising a child, don’t think that he doesn’t want to have your mini-me. This could be because of your present financial situation, work or life priorities. It could also be because he doesn’t want your honeymoon phase to end. Whatever his reasons may be, you both need to talk it out especially if he fears that he won’t be a good-enough father to your child. Share your own baby fears as well and explain to him how it doesn’t affect your decision to have a baby. Assure him that you will be with him every step of the way.

Experience babies first hand

If your husband hasn’t been around babies for a while, ask to babysit someone’s adorable baby together for a few hours. Choose to babysit a baby that sleeps most of the time and who isn’t fussy or too loud. Let your husband hold the baby or let him feed her when she gets hungry. Do not let him change the diapers on the first day or you’ll scar him for life. But let him do it, if he wants to.

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A growing family is a blessing to have in today’s time

Watch sports together

Most men are crazy about sports. If your husband is one of these sports fanatics, you might want to talk about babies while he is watching his favourite game. Tell him how wonderful it would be teaching your future child about basketball or football. You can even comment on the possibility of having an MVP in the family. When done right and sincerely, your husband might want to start having a baby right away.

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Talk about a future with a child

When cuddling in bed, talk about how exciting your lives would be when you have a baby. Allow him to picture and imagine what his reaction would be if someone asks his daddy’s girl out on a date or if his only son got accepted in the varsity team. Make out scenarios that are fun and easy to relate to. Your husband will surely have lots of opinions on how to handle them.

No matter how you convince your husband to have a baby, you must always take his feelings into consideration. Do not trick him, nag him or force him to have a baby. If you are presently using contraceptives, do not stop using them without his knowledge. Coercing him into a circumstance that he isn’t so sure about will do harm rather than good to your marriage.

Have you convinced your husband to have baby? How did you do it? Share your wonderful story with us. For more on convincing your spouse to have a baby, watch this video on financial planning for a family:

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