New Zealand government inquiry into Fonterra product contamination

New Zealand government inquiry into Fonterra product contamination

News of New Zealand’s contaminated infant formula stir anxious sentiments across milk consumers around the world. Find out more.

Contaminated Infant Formula The world remembers the uproar of China's contaminated infant formula.

Milk scandal

Back in 2008, China’s infamous adulterated melamine milk scandal spawned an uproar across the globe, causing immense distrust towards the imprudence of Chinese companies. And although China has been laying low these past five years, prejudicial echoes of toxic Chinese products remain.

After poisoning over 30,000 victims, these contemptible businessmen are probably far from being forgiven, much less forgotten. Fortunately for the Chinese, these memories may finally be a thing of the past as New Zealand steals the limelight with news of their contaminated infant formula.

Whether or not China has truly been relieved of milk scandals remains debatable. After all,  a large portion of its milk products is now imported from New Zealand.

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contaminated infant formula As the world's largest diary exporter, Fonterra's reputation is at stake upon discovering bacteria in its formula.

Fonterra’s contaminated infant formula

Earlier this month, New Zealand’s dairy giant Fonterra made the headlines with news that its products were contaminated with botulism-causing bacteria. In an attempt to salvage its reputation as an exporter of safe agricultural products, Reuters reported that New Zealand has plans for a government inquiry. The investigations will examine how this potentially contaminated infant formula managed to enter the international market, and whether adequate regulatory practices were in place to deal with the issue.

Fonterra, the world’s largest dairy exporter, has been under attack for not disclosing the discovery of the contaminated infant formula in a timely manner. Fonterra's Chief Executive, Theo Spierings said that the company welcomes the inquiry, and would provide all necessary information. An interim report will be due in around three months time.

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Chinese ties

Since China is a major export market for New Zealand’s dairy products, New Zealand’s economy might take a hit if they do not provide sufficient explanation and reassurance to quell the Chinese’s anxieties soon.

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully visited Beijing last week, while Prime Minister John Key also talked about his plans to visit the country later this year to discuss contamination issues after the inquiry results are out, in hopes of smoothing relations with their biggest milk powder consumer, China.

It seems that China’s infants may never be free from risks of contaminated infant formula.

Learn about 5 ways to avoid contaminated infant formula on the following page.

contaminated Infant Formula Find out how to avoid contaminated infant formula.

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5 ways to avoid contaminated infant formula

  1. Stay informed. It is especially important to keep abreast of current affairs to make informed decisions on your purchases.
  2. Hygiene maintenance. It is important to maintain good hygiene levels as infants are more susceptible to infections and diseases. Remember to wash your hands before handling infant formula.
  3. Check the expiry date. Before purchasing infant formula or any other products, remember to make sure the product has not expired.
  4. Look out for damaged products. Infant formula should not to be used if there are visible punctures on the containers as the contents may be compromised.
  5. Storage. Food products like infant formula usually have storage instructions printed on the containers. Do follow their recommendations.

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