Tanglin actress Constance Song confirms baby birth

Tanglin actress Constance Song confirms baby birth

Constance Song gave birth to the baby girl earlier this year, and only made the news public in order to dispel rumours that were flying around.

Constance Song, the star of the English TV series Tanglin, confirmed yesterday (October 14) that she gave birth to a by girl earlier this year. 

What’s even more special is that the little girl shares her mummy’s birthday on May 18. 

Constance Song gives birth

“She is my best birthday present,” the Singaporean actress told Shin Min. “I never thought she would be born on that day.”

Song revealed that she wanted to maintain privacy regarding the birth, but due to rumours spreading, that she decided to go public with the announcement. 

Tanglin actress Constance Song confirms baby birth

With her nephew earlier this year. Image: CONSTANCE SONG/INSTAGRAM

She refused to share her little one’s name though, and also did not reveal details about her partner or whether she is married. 

Reportedly, Song has now returned to work filming Tanglin after an absence of a few months. Her baby is looked after at an infantcare centre. 

She said: “About personal matters, I don’t want to say much. I’m very thankful to the Tanglin crew who accommodate my filming times, they are great.”

She also thanked her boss Li Nanxing. 

“He didn’t rush me to work, waited for me to get enough rest and for me to want to work before arranging things for me,” she said.

The actress became a mum and went through pregnancy at a relatively older age – 42. However she took it in her stride, saying she had a ‘honeymoon pregnancy’, with no “morning sickness, cravings or appetite changes.”

Congratulations to this gorgeous mum  from all of us at theAsianparent!

Reference: The Straits Times

Featured image: Esquire SG/ Screengrab

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