Daycare Worker's Veiled Threat Draws Flak From Parents

Daycare Worker's Veiled Threat Draws Flak From Parents

Many of the comments on the post criticised the caregiver's message.

We appreciate the hard work daycare workers do, including looking after our kids with kindness and love at all times. However, the confessions of a daycare worker — which are really no more than a thinly veiled threat — have recently had many parents up in arms. 

Confessions of a daycare worker: “I treat your child the way you treat me”

The confession coming from an unnamed daycare provider appeared on PostSecret, a Facebook page where people can reveal secrets anonymously to the page’s 1.6 million followers.

Recently, it went viral because of the writer’s provocative message:

confessions of a daycare worker

Image source: Facebook screengrab

In case you can’t read the handwriting on it, here’s what it says on the Facebook post:

Daycare Parent – 

How you treat ME is how your child is treated.
Respect & Appreciation go a LONG way

~ Your day care provider

Confessions of a daycare worker met with strong disapproval from the online community

It was only a matter of time until the post was flooded with strong criticism from parents and educators. People were horrified that a caregiver would intentionally vent their frustrations on young kids. The post has garnered 1,200 comments, most of them denouncing the caregiver’s message.

Several people who were once daycare workers themselves, teachers, or parents, voiced their disapproval, explaining why anyone with this mindset should not work as a daycare worker:

For many parents with a busy career, daycare providers are a trusted care provider of their little ones.

A qualified daycare provider will know never to vent their frustrations on children under their care, regardless of their mood or how parents might have treated them. 

We at theAsianparent hope that whoever posted that confession will have the morality to either quit their line of work or change their attitude. 

Signs of a bad daycare centre

1. Lack of Hygiene 

A good preschool should be able to maintain a high standard of hygiene. Do you see any items layered with dust or food crumbs on the floor? Are the toys old, worn out and hazardous? 

Also, a good preschool will have sterilisation procedures. They will have rules to follow if children get sick, such as having a quarantine area. 

Having a clean environment is critical in preventing serious illnesses from spreading. If your daycare centre appears unhygienic, it could be a sign that the childcare centre isn’t adhering to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health.

confessions of a daycare worker

Ensure that your child’s daycare centre is clean and has cheerful, quality staff. | Image Source: Stock Photo

2. Communication

Good schools are transparent with parents. They will generally have good practices. Good daycare centres might send notes with your child as they go home, email you if anything happens, text or call you back after 24 hours, and even giving an opportunity for you to talk with your child’s daycare provider. 

If you have issues meeting up with a daycare provider, or find it a hassle to get in touch with your child’s teachers, it’s probably a red flag that this daycare centre isn’t good enough. 

3. Lack of curriculum and rules

A preschool without clear guidelines on what they’re teaching is another warning sign that they’re not sure what they’re doing. Furthermore, although preschools are meant to be fun, your kids should learn how to follow rules. If it seems like there is no discipline there, it may be best to not send your children to that preschool. 

Teachers should read aloud to students and provide opportunities for your children to discuss, talk and listen. In addition, your children should also allow kids to practice social skills, too. These include skills like group cooperation, leadership, compromise, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Daycare Worker's Veiled Threat Draws Flak From Parents

Image source: iStock

Parents, we hope that this article on confessions of a daycare worker has helped you be more careful about choosing a good daycare centre for your child. For more tips on how to choose a good daycare centre, read this story about how an 8-month-old girl was abused in a daycare centre.


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