Common maid issues and how to address them

Common maid issues and how to address them

Always be respectful yet firm when it comes to dealing with your maid's issues. They might be very handy around the house, but it doesn't mean that they're perfect.

We've all heard horror stories of maids, somewhere, somehow. But the true horror lies within our home when we have a helper that we can't seem to get through. It could be a matter of communication, getting her tasks done, or even poking to0 much into our family's privacy. 

To help tackle this, we suggest 5 common maid issues that parents face and ways to address them:

5 Common Maid Issues and How to Address Them

1. Your helper has trouble getting along with the people in your household

Not everyone can get along immediately, especially since people have different personalities as well as expectations of each other. What you can do first is to talk to your helper and ask if she has any problems adjusting, if she's missing her family etc. If a specific family member is causing tension, then you can try talking to that family member and emphasise the value of harmony and compromise since you're all living under one roof.

2. Your maid has trouble remembering the tasks you gave her

Some maids can forget their tasks but are too embarrassed or afraid to ask you to repeat your instructions. In these cases, what you can do is to ask your maid to repeat the instructions that you gave her so that you can check and see if both of you are on the same page. In some cases, too many tasks can also make them forget their other duties, so make sure not to overload your maid.

Common maid issues and how to address them

3. Your helper doesn't follow your instructions

In cases like these, you should also make sure to check if your instructions are clear to your maid. Be specific when providing instructions to avoid any miscommunication. You can also break down your helper's chores so that they can do it in smaller and more manageable tasks.

4. Your maid is too friendly with visitors and is nosy when it comes to your personal problems

You need to set boundaries with your maid. They might be a part of your household, but at the end of the day you're the employer and they're your employee. If it seems that they're prying too much into your personal life, be sure to talk to them about it and that she should respect personal matters. It's good to be friendly with your maid, but being too friendly can cause problems.

5. Your helper uses her phone too much while working

This can be a tricky subject. You would first need to check to see if your helper's phone use is interfering with her work. If she's using it while doing tasks like taking care of your kids or cooking, then it can be a big problem. You should talk to her about it and set some ground rules as well as a schedule as to when your maid can use her phone. Don't completely disallow phone use, as it's important for your maid to get in touch with her family. Just make sure she's using it responsibly.



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