Boy slips trying to take back his ball, chin lands on iron fence

Boy slips trying to take back his ball, chin lands on iron fence

Tragically, a boy's chin became stuck in an iron fence, piercing through his mouth because he slipped while trying to jump over a fence. Exactly what happened?

Accidents and common injuries at school and home while children play. Common injuries are scrape, bumps and bruises, and can be easily treated at home. However, certain accidents are so serious that they serve as a stern warning for parents to always supervise children as they play. In this tragedy, a 10-year-old boy was trying to jump over a fence. However, he slipped – and landed on the fence. The iron fence pierced his chin – passing through his mouth.

Exactly what happened?

Common injuries at school and home: Boy’s chin pierced by iron fence

The tragic event befell 10 year old Fikri Aditya in September 2018, in Central Jakarta. At the time, he was only having fun playing football outside his house with his friends.  

According to sources, the ball got thrown over into his neighbour’s yard, which was surrounded by a metal fence. The boy then took the initiative to retrieve the ball, and invited his friends to come along.

“The victim wanted to take the ball that fell into a yard in someone else’s home while he was playing ball with their friends,” said Commissioner Muhammad Syafe’ on Monday, 10th September 2018.

At first, his friends managed to stop him. Even so, the Primary four boy was still determined to climb over the iron fence and retrieve the ball.

Unfortunately, the victim slipped. His chin landed onto the iron fence, which piercing through his mouth.

After witnessing this horrific accident, his friends immediately panicked and began shouting for help. 

Paramedics arrive on the scene to remove the iron fence

Not long after, firefighters arrived at the location. They immediately evacuated the victims. With the help of both paramedics and firefighters, the iron fence was eventually removed. We are happy to report that  the victim was immediately sent to the Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital.

Common injuries at school

Thankfully, medical assistance arrived in time before things escalated. Image for illustration purposes only. | Image Source: Stock Photo

This is one of the many reminders so that parents will become more vigilant in monitoring and warning their children in being cautious when they play. We hope that your little one and your family remain safe from tragic incidents like this, Parents!

Common injuries at school and home: What to do

Insect bites and stings

Clearly the treatment depends on which insect stung your child, but generally:

  • For bee stings, remove the stinger if it’s still embedded in your child’s skin. You can use a tweezer, or scrape the skin with your nail or a credit card to remove it.
  • Then, apply a cold compress or calamine lotion to help reduce the itching and the burning sensation.

If your child suddenly has trouble breathing, coughing, or develops hoarseness in their voice, it’s possible that they are suffering through an allergic reaction from the sting. Bring them to the doctor immediately if that happens.

common injuries at school

Common injuries at school and home: Cuts and Bruises.| Image Source: Stock Photo

Cuts & Bruises

  • Stop the bleeding. Use a clean cloth and firmly press against the wound until it stops.
  • Wash the wound with soap under lukewarm water.
  • Dry it with a clean cloth, and then apply some iodine or antiseptic to prevent any bacteria from infecting the wound. Cover it with a bandage afterwards.

For cuts that are pretty deep, or if the bleeding isn’t stopping, it’s best to take your child to a doctor. In some cases, if the wound is too deep, the wound might have to be stitched.

Keep a first aid kit handy for common injuries at school and home

It’s also very important to always have a first aid kit ready at home. The kit should contain:

  • bandages
  • tape
  • antiseptic wash
  • calamine lotion
  • burn ointment
  • antihistamines
  • and any other types of medicine that you might need.

Do keep it in a place inaccessible to kids, but easy for you to take. Don’t forget to check the expiration date on the medicine!

Reference: Wartakot – tribunnews

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