Christmas shopping at Cold Storage

Christmas shopping at Cold Storage

The Christmas shopping buzz may be getting to some of us. This is exactly where shopping centres in Singapore come to the rescue. Decked in red, green and white, shopping centres are offering the most festive selections of Christmas items.

Christmas shopping at Cold Storage

Christmas shopping at Cold Storage!

Working smart is all in the rage this Christmas. Set aside an hour this week, have a Christmas shopping trip out and get all you need for the big day. Heck! Bring your kids along too! There are Christmas trees and jingles to be taken in. A good time, a good turkey, a good log cake and a good time.

Head down to a shopping centre to check out the Cold Storage Christmas catalogue which has a selection fit for Santa.

Their selection of cakes and meats are something worth taking a look at – and a taste.

christmas shopping at cold storage

Chocolate Log Cake

When it comes to desserts, they have a log cakes such as the Chocolate Log Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake and the Party Cakes Platter.


Blueberry Cheesecake

Prices for desserts at Cold Storage range from $19.99-$49.99.


Party Cakes Platter

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The Butterball Turkey comes in sizes small, medium and large!

The Cold Storage Christmas catalogue also has a succulent selection of meats.

You may want to consider their Baby Back BBQ Ribs, Gourmet Sausage Platter or Roast Leg of Lamb at prices under $70!

For those who prefer the good old Christmas feast of big and meaty, the Roast Turkeys, Butterball Turkeys, Rosemary Turkeys, and Jumbo Chicken with Chestnut. Dear carnivores of Singapore need not fret of blowing money on turkey as the price does not exceed $95.


Rosemary Turkey!


A healthier alternative: Jumbo Chicken with Chestnut

Last but not least, do not miss out the dinner deals that Cold Storage has to offer. Each deal has packages of turkey, salmon and ham.


Dinner Deal Sumptuous!

The great part of it all is, if you’re really racing for time, just get online and order whatever you need to fill that Christmas table. If the elves of North Pole had a chance, they would be ordering these meals off the net to zoom into Santa’s good books. Talk about “shop-smart”, “live-smart” and making “merry-smart”.

For the Cold Storage catalogue, visit

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