Club Med Bintan Island: A must-try experience for Singapore families!

Club Med Bintan Island: A must-try experience for Singapore families!

How different is a Club Med Bintan Island experience going to be, from any other resort at Bintan? Read to find out!

We were super thrilled when we recently got invited to experience Club Med Bintan Island. But we'll be frank, we were also a bit skeptical. After all, how different is a Club Med experience going to be, from any other resort at Bintan?

Club Med Bintan Island

At the end of a 3 day trip however, we couldn’t be happier to admit that we were so wrong!

Here then, dear parents are 13 reasons why Singapore families should make that Club Med Bintan Island trip AT LEAST once!

1. Stone's throw from Singapore

45 minutes by ferry from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT), plus 15 minutes by land transfer takes you to this beach paradise.

With Bintan Resort ferries we had an absolutely hassle-free ferry experience.

At Club Med Bintan Island, we were welcomed by the extremely friendly and cheerful G.O's (that's short for Gentil Organisateur). The G.Os by the way, are the ambassadors of the Club Med spirit.

No matter which part of the world you are from, you can be sure there’s a G.O. at Club Med who knows your language and is able to guide you around!

We spotted tourists from France, Japan, Australia, India, Germany etc and were pleasantly surprised by the multi-cultural ambience.

2. All-inclusive

The best part about Club Med is that it offers an “All-inclusive” experience. Children’s Club (except for the Petit Club), food and drinks, sports and activities, and day and night entertainment, are all included in the package.

If you wish, you can also choose to have your flights and transfers arranged by Club Med!

3. Rooms

Club Med Bintan Island

The resort has 311 rooms divided between small 3-storey buildings, with club, deluxe and suite options. Rooms are basic, but pleasant, clean and comfortable. If you can, do opt for a sea facing room. The view is gorgeous!

Families can opt for connecting rooms too, so you get your own privacy and there is plenty of space.

We were advised to lock up the balcony doors, however, because our monkey friends apparently love making their way in, given a chance. :)

4. Food

No one goes hungry at Club Med Bintan Island! Feast on breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets (think BIG!) at The Waterfall restaurant. We spotted pizza, nuggets and french fries for the little ones, and pasta customised by the chef to suit their taste.

Not to mention some extremely gorgeous desserts and ice cream. And yes, high chairs are available for babies.

Club Med Bintan Island

Apart from the 3 main meals, there are 2 tea breaks too, and plenty of snacks to munch on.

What we especially loved is that we didn't have to feel guilty about waking up late and missing the lavish buffet spread, we could still have late breakfast or late lunch for free at The Terrasse restaurant.

And if fine dining is more your thing, head to The Terrasse in the evening- just make sure to reserve in advance.

5. Fresh slow-pressed juice and drinks

Club Med Bintan Island

No one goes thirsty as well, at Club Med Bintan Island! We especially loved the fresh slow-pressed juice at The Matahari bar (with a view to kill).

And if you love your cocktails and mocktails more, head to The Santaï, on the first floor of the main building near the swimming pool.

Little ones get to order their own mocktails as well, with silly names, like "Don't Tell Mama" and “Blue Dolphin.”

Club Med Bintan Island

Club Med takes its responsibility very seriously, so drinks are served based on the colour of the Club Med band you are wearing on your wrist. (That means there's no way your teen is gaining access to forbidden drinks ;))

6. Kids club

One of the key highlights of Club Med Bintan is their Kids Club. Parents who want some “me-time” can leave their kids in the Kids Club, knowing that they are in the safe hands of the G.O’s and will be well taken care of.

In fact, Club Med was among the first to introduce the concept of a Kids Club, and this year, the Club Med Kids Club actually turns 50!

There are 3 kinds of Kids Clubs to choose from:

  • Petit Club Med® (2 to 3 years) (not part of the All-inclusive package though)

  • Mini Club Med® (4 to 10 years)

  • Junior Club Med (11 to 17 years)

Programmes are specifically designed to cater to the various age groups.

7. Beach, pool and water sports

Club Med Bintan Island

Apart from relaxing on the beach, or having a refreshing swim at the pool, there are plenty of water activities to try like snorkelling, kayaking, stand-up paddling and sailing.

Even pool aerobics!

8. Flying trapeze

Club Med Bintan Island

This is one of the island's Must-Try Experiences and unique to Club Med Bintan!

Grab on the bar and jump (under professional supervision, of course). Soar across and reach for the stars, like a trapeze artist.

So get strapped and unleash your inner acrobat. Kids can enjoy this activity too, and there are safety harnesses in place, so all is well.

A word of advice though: Don’t look down!

9. Yoga by the beach

Club Med Bintan Island

Simply wear your yoga attire and arrive for the yoga by the beach sessions (happening twice a day-morning and evening). This combination of yoga, the gorgeous views and sound of the sea is truly zen. And we suggest going for fresh pressed juice or a relaxing massage after your session!

10. Sports, Activities and the G.O.walk / run

Enjoy more than 10 sports (think tennis, archery, football, badminton, basketball etc etc) all-inclusive, with 100 % professional supervision.

And if that’s not enough, every other day, you can explore the scenic grounds on a walk/run, with the G.O’s for company. Why compromise on fitness while on holiday? :)

11. Spa

Though it’s not part of the “All-inclusive” package, we think that the Asmara spa experience at Club Med Bintan Island is a must-try! You get to choose your own oils for massage and foot soak, and enjoy the most relaxing and rejuvenating massage ever!

Set amidst the natural mangrove forest of Bintan, the ambience is dreamy and you wish time would just stay still...

12. Parties and Shows

Club Med Bintan Island

There is a differently themed show here EVERY SINGLE NIGHT - from light and sound to even acrobatic shows!  And what is even more amazing is that all the shows are put up by the multi-talented and super energetic G.Os.

The shows are followed by party all night (again, with the G.O’s : Pssst...they never get tired.).

The best part of a Club Med party is that they truly are ‘all inclusive’. So even the kids and elderly can join in and have a fabulous time!

13. Happiness

Suffice to say that, Club Med Bintan Island is a very, very happy place. Happy faces abound and there is never a dull moment.

Having stayed at other resorts in Bintan, there’s just no denying that energy levels at this place run high!

We loved it here, and we think, you will too! :)

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