Christmas Gifts for Your Spouse that Money Can't Buy

Christmas Gifts for Your Spouse that Money Can't Buy

Try giving some handmade or creative gift ideas to make this holiday season extra special for your spouse

homemade christmas gift ideas

Surprise your spouse with one of the following homemade Christmas gift ideas.

Often times, when one is asked to name a favourite gift that he or she has received, you’ll probably hear “the card she made for me” or “the poem he wrote to surprise me with.” Handmade and creative presents are often the most meaningful, simply because plenty of heart and head go into the creation of such gifts.

This Christmas season, if you’ve found yourself at a loss as to what to get for your spouse, consider surprising him or her with simple but immensely thoughtful gift ideas. These will surely make the holiday extra special for the both of you:

Framed Affection

homemade christmas gift ideas

Homemade Christmas gift ideas: Dress up a framed photo of both of you with sweet love notes!

Frame a picture of your spouse in a blank photo mat. Surround the picture with written compliments. List the qualities you adore about him or her, including the little things that usually go unnoticed.

Clever Notes

Leave short notes of love around the house — “you warm my heart” on the oven, “thanks for putting up with me” on the bamboo pole or shirt hanger, and so on.

A Love Song

If you’re musically inclined, compose and perform a song for your mate. No stage fright? Consider surprising your spouse with a performance in front of other people.

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homemade christmas gift ideas

Surprise her by taking over kitchen duties for the week.

Caring Service

Does he usually clean the kitchen after you cook? Do both chores one night, and let him put his feet up. Is she the kid’s chauffeur and breakfast-and-lunch-making queen? Volunteer to take her shift so she can sleep in.

Audio Romance

Be your spouse’s DJ. With a computer or digital recorder, record her favorite songs, alternating with spoken memories.

homemade christmas gift ideas

Work on a short poem or an acrostic craft for the love of your life. (Photo source: Pinterest)


Write a love poem — it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Try an acrostic: Write your loved one’s name vertically and list adjectives that begin with each letter.

Diary of Gratitude

Make a hand-written diary of characteristics of your spouse or things that he/she has done for you that you are grateful for.

Personal Lessons

Share your talents and skills. Teach your spouse to bake a special dish, knit or swing a putter (and be sure to lean in close to demonstrate certain techniques).

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homemade christmas gift ideas

This Christmas, try choosing a gift that speaks your spouse’s love language…

The key to a meaningful and unforgettable Christmas gift for your spouse is to select a gift idea that speaks your spouse’s love language. As shared by Dr Gary Chapman – famous author of New York Times best seller The Five Love Languages, everyone has a primary love language of their own – a preferred way of receiving love from another that makes one feels most loved. It could be any of the following: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time or Physical Touch.

The gift idea of Clever Notes will be perfect for a spouse whose primary love language is Words of Affirmation. If Quality Time is your spouse’s primary love language, then Personal Lessons will be a fantastic choice of gift. Give the Caring Service gift idea a shot if your spouse has displayed signs that Acts of Service is his or her primary love language. Unsure of yours and your spouse’s primary love language? Visit with him or her to do a quick and fun quiz to find out what both your primary love languages are.

homemade christmas gift ideas

Your spouse will definitely be surprised and delighted when much thought is put into the present.

I love surprising my husband with creative presents, and he’s gotten really good at doing the same for me. Coming up with personally tailored surprises is a fun way to demonstrate our love and affection. Try it – I bet you’ll be addicted to doing it too.

Any creative and meaningful Christmas gift ideas you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!

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