9 Festive season tips to help mighty mums prepare for Christmas

9 Festive season tips to help mighty mums prepare for Christmas

December is here and with it come stress and fun in equal measure. Here are 9 Christmas celebration ideas for you mighty mummies!

December is officially here, and with it come equal parts of fun and stress, making Christmas celebration ideas important. The burden often falls on mamas to get the house ready, organise family feasts and buy gifts galore for the clan.

Melissa and Jacqueline are event organisers who have co-founded Delegate, an online event planning platform. They have spent their careers planning and of course, attending events, and know what works and what doesn’t.

Having seen their fair share of event mishaps and party burn-out, here are their top Christmas celebration ideas for keeping the young and young at heart entertained, and generally staying sane throughout the season.

Christmas celebration ideas

Delegate – an online events marketplace

1. Delegate the workload when hosting.

Share and outsource your tasks. Hire help such as external caterers and extra set of hands in the kitchen to prep and clean up so that you can actually enjoy yourself. Alternatively, organize a potluck if possible – have guests bring in food instead of gifts for the host!

Christmas celebration ideas

Delegate Vendor – Lavish Dine

2. Don’t try to live up to Pinterest.

We’re all busy individuals, and no one expects you to be Martha Stewart. We all have space, time and budgetary constraints. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t afford to serve lobsters and champagne; grilled chicken and corn on the cob are just as delicious. Your guests will give you a big thumbs up for pulling off an awesome party amidst the crazy holiday schedule and juggling family and work.

3. Some special sweet treats for young palates won’t hurt.

After all, it’s Christmas! You can order Popaganda’s yummy-looking popsicles or ice cream sandwiches from The Ice Cream & Cookie Co., perfect for tropical Christmases. Or do away with the boring log cakes and have Christmas-themed cake or cupcakes made by My Fat Lady or Temptations.

Christmas celebration ideas

Delegate Vendor – The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.

Christmas celebration ideas

Delegate Vendor – My Fat Lady

4. Invent your own traditions for your family.

Pick and choose sustainable practices that are easy to incorporate into your life. For example, create the warm fuzzies this holiday with party games that everyone will enjoy like Charades or Pictionary. Pick an all-time favorite holiday movie that becomes your annual ‘Christmas Eve’ flick.

How can you keep yourself sane during the holidays? More tips on the next page!

5. Keep things simple.

The holidays are about spending time with your loved ones, that’s all that matters. Gifts are always appreciated, but they can be kept simple, don’t sweat it too much.

Christmas celebration ideas

6. Everything in moderation.

It may be tempting to but don’t overindulge over the festive period on food and drink. Keep a food diary, keep up your exercise regime and get active with the kids by getting outdoors where possible.

7. Have a detox plan ready for the post-holiday season.

This could be a new exercise regime or simply a dry January. For your kids, get them back to healthy eating after all the sugar they were treated to during all the Christmas parties.

8. Don’t use the holidays as an opportunity to resolve deep-seated family conflicts.

These issues can be resolved another time. This is the time to live and let live, and exercise patience and compassion.

9. Take some me time.

It’s the holiday season after all and you hopefully have some time off work. Use this period as down time for you to do the things that nourish and replenish you; whether it’s to sit down with a good book, escape to the spa, or take some private yoga classes. 

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