Choosing the right home tutor for your child

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Finding a good tutor for your child can be a huge headache. Here's a guide to help you navigate through the myriad of tutors in the market and pick the right one for your child's needs...

26-year-old Ms Nuraisah Muhammad has been asking within her circle of friends if they know of any good English tutors for her daughter Nureesha who is 7-years-old and entering Primary Two next year.

“Nureesha is doing rather well in school now, but I know it will get harder as she goes up to P3 and beyond. I can help her with Malay and Math, but when it comes to English neither her Dad nor I are good enough to teach her grammar and language nuances,” said Nuraisah.

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Find out how to source the ideal home tutor for your child.

Many mums and dads are finding themselves in a similar position to Nureesha’s mummy. While they may not be looking for English tuition, they may be looking for a good tutor to teach Math, Science or a Mother tongue language.

Here in Singapore, having the convenience and expertise of a home tutor who can coach their child to academic greatness is as almost as necessary as having domestic help.

Searching for the right tutors is also a daunting affair as much, especially for those without prior experience with tutors. So how do you go about picking the right tutor?

There are roughly 4 major categories of personal educators parents can choose from:

1. Student tutors

2. NIE trainees

3. Full-time tutors

4. Ex/current school teachers

The quality of these tutors and the rates that they charge depend on their experience and expertise.

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