Singapore tutor caught hitting girl on camera

Singapore tutor caught hitting girl on camera

Studying can be difficult for both pupils and teachers, but a tutor crossed the line when she was caught on camera hitting a student during a home tuition session. Also, read about how to hire the right tutor for your child.

Singapore tutor caught hitting girl on cameraWhen you hire a tutor for your child the general expectation is that he or she will help your child with their study and homework issues. But one mother was not expecting physical abuse as part of the syllabus.

Caught hitting student with a stack of papers

The mother, part-time sales assistant Suraima Sanif , 37, had caught her daughter’s tutor hitting the 12-year-old child as she was having tuition. The short video apparently shows the tutor, Ms. Soufi Raisa, aged 29, talking to the child, before she suddenly starts beating her in the face with a stack of A4 papers at hand. The child does not make a sound throughout the abuse.

Ongoing abuse?

It was reported that Sanif’s daughter had told her mother that Raisa had been hitting her during the tuition session. But it seems that this wasn’t the only time the beating had occurred -- according to Sanif, Raisa had been treating her daughter in this manner for ten months.

Choosing the right tutor for your child

Tuition may be an indispensable part of our children’s schooling but it can be frustrating to find someone who is competent, charges reasonable rates and gets along with your child. For effective learning, your child needs a tutor that makes him or her feel comfortable. Here are three ways to find such as tutor:

1. Go through a lot of adverts

While you can never tell where a good tutor may come from, seeking out more options online and in print will make the selection process an easier one.

2. Ask for recommendations

Do you know parents who have had success with other tutors in the past? If so, that’s the first place you should look. This is also good for weeding out bad apples.

3. Do a background check

Use the internet to check a potential tutor’s qualifications before you hire them and let them into your home. When you check their references, look out for irregularities and long gaps between jobs.

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Source: The New Paper

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