Choosing the best cot for your baby - tips every parent should know

Choosing the best cot for your baby - tips every parent should know

Naturally, the process of choosing a baby cot can be daunting for a first time parent since the baby will spend a lot of time in it and will need for it to be secure and safe. Find out what you should be looking for in a cot to make the best choice for your baby.

choosing a baby cot Find out how to make one of the biggest decisions of your life -- choosing a baby cot that's safe for your baby!

A baby cot or crib is one of the priciest purchases you might have to make before the birth of your baby. Before you shell out the few hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a cot, here are some things to take note of when choosing a baby cot.

Safety first when choosing a baby cot

We cannot stress enough the importance of safety when it comes to choosing a baby cot. This is especially important as the cot is where your baby will be sleeping and you might not be awake to keep a close eye on your little one at all times of the day. So when choosing a baby cot, look at the slats at the side – these should be no more than two inches wide to prevent your baby’s arms, legs or head from getting stuck in it.

Measure for measure when buying a baby cot

It’s imperative for you to bring a measuring tape when out choosing a baby cot. This is to make sure that the baby cot you choose can not only fit inside your room but also through your door. Many parents have neglected this step and have come home with cots that can’t fit through the front door or bedroom door.

choosing a baby cot When choosing a baby cot, you will have to decide whether you want to drop the railings on the sides or not. Find out our take on it!

To drop or not?

When choosing a baby cot, parents will come across the question of whether they want a cot with drop sides or stationary sides. What this means is that a drop side cot comes with one or both sides able to drop down. The pro of this is that you can pick your baby out of the cot with ease as opposed to a cot with stationary sides. Unfortunately, the drop side cot can be a potential safety hazard when your baby gets older and can sit and stand on his own as he might accidentally push the crib side down and fall out of it. Thus, it is probably much safer to get a cot with stationary sides.

The hand print test

When choosing a baby cot, you want to take off the mattress and bedding that comes along with it to run some tests. The bedding should always survive the hand print test which tests how sturdy and firm the mattress is. For example, before buying the cot, push down your hand on the bedding and when you lift your hand, you can see your handprint, the bedding is too soft. Soft bedding have been known to increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) so always get a firm mattress along with the cot you choose.

The best baby cots

To help you with your search for the perfect cot, we’ve compiled a list of the best baby cots in the market, based on a poll we conducted for mums from our 2013 mums Facebook group. Click here to find out their top picks!

Alternatives to baby cots

Do you know that many parents choose not to have a baby cot altogether? If you have a small apartment, you might not want a bulky piece of furniture like a wooden crib taking up space.

Good alternatives include smaller pieces of furniture like a Moses basket or a co-sleeper or buying a portable playpen like a Graco Pack n Play that can fold away.

For more information on choosing a baby cot, check out the video below:

We hope you found this information useful in your quest towards choosing a baby cot for your little one. Share with us what other things you consider when choosing a baby cot.

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