Choked on marshmallow: This mummy warns parents after terrifying experience

Choked on marshmallow: This mummy warns parents after terrifying experience

Choked on marshmallow: "Just as myself and my husband David came in to collect her she was blue and unresponsive..."

They are soft and chewy, and stuff most kiddie dreams are made of. Never did this mum imagine then, that they would one day figure in her biggest nightmare. A baby girl almost choked on marshmallow at her daycare centre...

Toddler almost choked on marshmallow

Mummy Niamh Reid recently put up a Facebook post, to warn other parents about marshmallows, and the choking hazards they pose to toddlers.

Apparently, this mummy was picking her 17-month-old baby girl, Doireann, from her daycare center when she made the shocking discovery.

She told "On Friday the 13th, Doireann was in her childminder's and she was given a rice krispie bun with a little marshmallow but she started to choke and lost consciousness."

"Just as myself and my husband David came in to collect her she was blue and unresponsive."

She writes on Facebook, "We had the utterly terrifying experience of watching our baby girl loose consciousness while choking on a marshmallow."

Thankfully, emergency services saved the day, and little Doireann is now alright now after two nights in the hospital, "We were extremely lucky that the right people were on hand and have no doubt that their quick actions saved Doireann's life."

Warning for other parents

Most parents don't think too much when it comes to giving their toddlers marshmallows, as they are soft and melt easily, and Niamh was no different.

She has now realised her mistake though, and wants to warn other parents, "I have promised myself that I will make others aware that marshmallows and children do not mix. Sometimes I like to think I know everything but I did not know this!!"

She elaborates on the dangers, "The melting marshmallow begins to seep down the throat, expanding and blocking the airway making it impossible to dislodge."

"Even if the marshmallow does not begin to melt, it is a very airy sweet which is easily sucked down the airway if talking or laughing while it is in the mouth."

"Our baby is 17 months old but even for young children and adults these "treats" are lethal."

"Please share and create awareness."

Thank you, mummy Niamh, for sharing your experience and for creating awareness about this potential choking hazard. We are so glad that your baby girl is safe and recovering well.

Minimise choking hazards

Parents of young children should practise vigilance and take steps to minimise choking risks. These are some must-do's:

  • Never leave a small child unattended while eating

Keep an eye on the little ones. Walking, running, talking, laughing and eating quickly, all increase choking risk.

  • Cut food into small pieces: For example:

1.Cut hot dogs lengthwise and in quarters.

2. Cut grapes in quarters (and remove the seeds).

3. Grate carrots instead of serving in coin shapes or sticks.

  • Educate maids and caregivers: In a situation where your child is left in the care of someone else, teach them about choking hazards and precautions to take to prevent choking.

Identify emergency resources and contacts.

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