13 Chinese New Year Items Every House Needs

If you aren't sure which snacks and drinks you should have at the ready, we've got you covered!

Chinese New Year is nearly here! The Year of the Rat will begin on January, 25 2020.

Whether you eat in or dine out for your yusheng, you can guarantee that people will come round to visit.

It's customary to see red packets handed out and oranges being exchanged. And while you can prepare your little one for the different superstitions to follow during this period, it's up to the parents to make sure the household is packed with an array of exotic treats and snacks.

If you aren't sure which snacks and drinks you should have at the ready, we've got you covered to make sure you're on top of your hosting game!


New Peng Hiang Freshly BBQ Tender Pork Bak Kwa

Signature bak kwa marinated with a traditional secret recipe passed down over generations.

Made from top-quality pork.

Korean Jeju Mandarin Oranges

Sweet and Juicy Mandarins from Korea, Jeju Island.

No Chinese New Year would be complete without tangerines. Enjoy these plump and naturally sweet oranges together with your friends and family.

Nature's Wonders Baked Macadamias And Cashew Nuts
Round out your array of snacks with a healthy mix of macadamia and cashew nuts.
Packed with protein, calcium, and B-complex vitamins, guests will be coming back for more.
Camel Roasted Cashews

Premium cashew nuts roasted to perfection.

Packed and processed in hygenic conditions, these Halal treats are ideal for any occasion.

Crusty's Bubble Tea Popcorn

A light and easy snack for your guests when they visit.

Surprise and impress your friends and family who love bubble tea with this crunchy and delicious snack!

Carlsberg Lager Can - Case

This signature beer from Denmark and Singapore's most loved international beer is a must-have at any house for Chinese New Year.

24 cans of medium-bodied beer is great for any occasion.

Once you pop, you just can't stop!

The world-famous Pringles crisps will be one of the first things guests reach for. The bold and zesty flavour combined with the signature pop is an irresistible combination.

Dasani Drinking Water - Case

Local water supply is filtered and ozonated for the signature pure and crisp tasting water Dasani is well-known for.

12 bottles are available for your guests when they visit.

MILO UHT Chocolate Malt Packet Drink (5+1) - Case
Kids and adults love this world-leading malt drink. Enjoyed cold or hot, it's packed with essential vitamins and minerals to build young minds and bodies.
24 cartons allow all your guests to enjoy this nutritional and delicious drink.
Coca-Cola No Sugar (12 x 320ML) - Case

The world's leading soft drink in history now has a zero-sugar option. Friends and family can enjoy themselves with the familiar taste of Coke's signature flavours without worrying about their sugar intake.

RedMart Strong and Absorbent Kitchen Towels

These Multi-Purpose kitchen towels are the perfect kitchen companion when you're hosting a busy Chinese New Year party.

6 rolls of 60 plies are strong and absorbent, effective at removing and cleaning grease.

RedMart Facial Tissue Soft Pack

This 4-pack of 200 facial tissues are great at keeping stains away.

The paper tissues are made ultra soft and FSC certified to ensure a responsible and sustainable management of worlds forests.

Baby's First Chinese New Year

An ideal baby gift to develop learning and teach your little one about Chinese New Year.

Bright colours and beautiful pictures help your baby learn about the zodiac.

The small padded book is perfect to help your baby develop motor skills.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong

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