Chill Movies to Watch with Kids During These Trying Times

Chill Movies to Watch with Kids During These Trying Times

We know that the challenging part of staying at home is to use your time productively and keep your kids active. What better than watching some great movies with the kids? You might want to make a list of movies worth binge-watching with them.

COVID-19 has brought everything to a standstill. With thousands of new cases arising every day around the world, we have no option but to stay home and minimise the spread of this virus. The WHO and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) provided important guidelines to stay safe from coronavirus infection. Additionally, most countries are in a lockdown because it is the only way we can flatten the fast-rising COVID-19 curve. So now we have too much leisure time and lesser work.

During self-quarantine and lockdown, it can be quite taxing to spend time with the kids 24/7 and keep them busy, without losing your cool. Don’t worry. There are ample things that you can do to break the stress pattern and chase away boredom when you’re locked up at home. From reading, playing indoor games and writing to indulging in art and craft, cooking and watching movies, the list can go on and on. Talking about films, kids can also be a part of your movie binge-watching. Just ensure that you have a set of chill movies to watch with your kids and you’re good to go.

List of Chill Movies to Watch – Why These Are Great for Watching with Kids

We are all most obviously exhausted with the endless messages and videos circulating around the novel coronavirus, either on Whatsapp or on social media. Instead of overpopulating our minds with information, we can spend quality time with family and make this lockdown count.

There are a number of leisure activities that you can consider when you’re at home with your loved ones. Amongst these activities, watching movies is one of the best escapism methods that we are lucky to have. They transport us to a whole new world of dreams and imaginations. However, choosing the right kind of films is important when your kids are watching with you. Don’t know what to watch? We’re here to help you. Read on and make note of interesting, chill movies to watch with your little ones.

The Lion King

One of the best musical film made by Disney, The Lion King is an ideal choice for the entire family. Whether you choose to enjoy the 1994 animated film or the live-action remake in 2019, the story unravels beautifully and is bound to send you and your kids on an amazing journey of of love, hope, family and responsibility. It is most advised for kids of the age group 6 years and above. 


Chill Movies to Watch with Kids During These Trying Times

Photo: Dreamworks

It is a great entertainer for the whole family, with interesting animated characters that bring life to the whole film. Children will get to see the world from an animal’s eyes and also learn a thing or two about friendship. This movie is also followed by two sequels, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, and a spin-off featuring the series’ penguin characters, Penguins of Madagascar.

The Wizard of Oz

Chill Movies to Watch with Kids During These Trying Times

Photo: Warner Bros

Rated as one of the best family movies, this 1939 fantasy is good for kids aged 6 and above. Some parents also suggest this movie for 4+ and 3+ year old children, talking about the positive effect of good role models like the good witch and the wizard.

Return of the Pink Panther

As inspector Jacques Clouseau strives to find the jewel thief, the movie takes many twists and turns as a result of the inspector’s stupidity. It keeps you hooked throughout, with lots of laughter and witty actions for kids to take away.

Anne of Green Gables

Adapted from L.M. Montgomery’s famous novel, this is an amazing movie with positive messages for the kids (2+ and 5+ year olds). As Anne’s strength and innocence lead her through tough times, she makes a great role model for young girls.

Chicken Run

The comic movie revolves around the life of chickens and is a complete family entertainer, with great story and animations. Perfect for kids aged 2 years and above!


The Movie Review: 'Wall·E' | The New Republic

Photo: Disney

Robot fights, adventures, recycling and chase scenes are all packed into one film and it sends out a strong environment-friendly message. Wall-E is mostly good for kids of the age group 8 and above.

Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse

chill movies to watch

Photo: Sony Pictures

Superhero movies are an all-time favourite for kids, especially young boys (and even girls!). This movie is a great conversation starter with your kids with the many meaningful themes in the plot you can discuss about. From the power of teamwork to overcoming self-doubt, there is bound to be a lesson to impart to your kid. Not only that, there is also tons of actions, coupled with beautiful animation. This movie is rated PG and recommended for ages 8 and up.


Chill Movies to Watch with Kids During These Trying Times

Photo: Disney

How many of us have seen a rat working as a chef? None, obviously! Ratatouille is a beautiful story of a rat named Remy, whose dream of becoming a French chef comes true in this fun-filled, hilarious movie with some hidden lessons. A fun movie for kids aged 8 and above.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Chill Movies to Watch with Kids During These Trying Times

Photo: Elite Daily

One of the best movie series for kids and adults, with amazing performances by children and excellent cinematography. The entire family is sure to love it.

Apollo 13

If you and the kids love space adventure films, then Apollo 13 is a good choice. The story revolves around how the astronauts tackle problems during their space mission, keeping you gripped throughout.

Robin Hood (1973)

A well-scripted animated, imaginary adaptation of Robin Hood, perfect for kids and adults alike. The story is a touching, romantic and comic package for the whole family to enjoy.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

This is a heart-warming adventure of two dogs and a cat that sends out messages of family, friendship and perseverance. 5+ year old kids will enjoy the humour and fall in love with the characters.

Paddington 2

Chill Movies to Watch with Kids During These Trying Times

Photo: Paddington

Paddington 2 is an adventure tale of the character – Paddington – who undergoes a series of odd situations to buy a gift for his aunt. This package of animation, comedy and warmth is a great pick for families with kids.
E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial – This is a classic, best suited for 5+ or 7+ year old children. Sending out a message of friendship, loyalty and trust, the movie is a complete joy to behold.

Harry Potter Movies

Chill Movies to Watch with Kids During These Trying Times

Photo: ReelRundown

Without a doubt, the Harry Potter series is one of the most iconic movie series ever to be made in the 21st century. Most of our young parents have probably grown up reveling in the magical world of Harry Potter through reading the books or watching the movies.  The entirety of the eight films are bound to be a whole package of fun and fantasy that your kids will love! However, due to violence in the film, do note that these films are best for your kids when consumed under your supervision.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Chill Movies to Watch with Kids During These Trying Times

Photo: Disney

This is an all-time classic perfect for families with kids aged 2 years and above, with a lot of fun and positive messages throughout the story. If you prefer a more recent film, you can also check out Christopher Robin, a live -action adaptation of  the Winnie the Pooh franchise released in 2018. 

The Incredibles

For some action-packed superhero entertainment to watch with the whole family, you must turn to The Incredibles. The plot follows the lives of a family of superheroes where they not only fend of villains but also work on improving their family relations. The film is followed by a 2018 sequel that was release 14 years after the initial film. Owing to some amount of violence and unexpected plots in the movie, it’s advised for kids aged 12 and above. Nonetheless, younger kids aged 5+ years could enjoy the animation and fun, leaving aside the scary parts.

The Sword in the Stone, Moana, Charlotte’s Web, Enchanted, Song of the Sea and Finding Nemo are some other great chill movies to watch with kids.

Having said that the lockdown is great for spending time with family, you should also consider taking some time out for yourself. It is very important to do so in order to release all the built-up stress, regain your energy and avoid bursting out on your loved ones. Now go ahead and enjoy your movie-binge!

Chill Movies to Watch with Kids During These Trying Times

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