9 Household Items That Can Put Your Children in Grave Danger

9 Household Items That Can Put Your Children in Grave Danger

Remember to inform your little one's caregivers about these dangers, too.

We watch our kids like hawks when we go out to ensure their safety. But did you know your own home can house risks to your child's safety? Now before you get alarmed, remember that being aware of what these risks are is the most important step to preventing accidents. So, without further ado, here are nine common household items that should make your list when childproofing your home.

9 Household Items to Watch Out for When Childproofing Your Home

1. Bathtubs

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Whether the water is in a bathtub, a wading pool, or even a really large aquarium, young children are especially at risk because they can drown in less than two inches (six cm) of water. To prevent accidents, NEVER leave your baby unattended in a bathtub, even for a few seconds. If you have a pool, pond, or even an aquarium, ensure your child cannot fall into it. 

2. Electrical Sockets

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When childproofing your home, start covering all your electrical sockets just before your little one starts crawling and cruising. This is to prevent those curious little ones from sticking their tiny fingers in. Make sure the covers are on tight so that it cannot be pried open easily and double check that you do not miss any of the lower sockets that are within reach. 

3. Drawers

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Some kids are born natural climbers. Remember a toddler's near-fatal accident when the drawer toppled over? Or the one where the child's twin brother managed to save his brother from under the fallen drawers? When childproofing your home, always secure shelves and drawers to the wall so that they do not fall over and cause unwanted accidents.

The same goes for flat-screen TVs that should be securely attached to your wall. 

4. Window blind cords

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According to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, 17,000 children under six years old suffered window blind-related injuries or death from 1990 to 2015. Most of the children were found entangled or strangled by the cords.

If you have blinds or curtains installed at home, be sure to knot the cords higher up so that your little ones cannot reach them. 

5. Hot Kettle

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9 Household Items That Can Put Your Children in Grave Danger

The kitchen is probably the most dangerous place for any child to be left alone in. Kettles, knives and washing detergents are easily found in kitchens, on stoves and in cabinets.

Be sure to have safety gates installed to deter your little ones from entering the kitchen, as well as safety locks on drawers and cabinets. Always make sure hot kettles and any other hot pans and dishes are kept out of reach.

If something is cooking on the fire, double-check that the handle is turned away from the front of your stove, so your little one cannot grab it. 

6. Sharp Edges of Furniture

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Falling and knocking into things are part and parcel of growing up. But you can reduce the chances of major injury by putting guards on the sharp corners of your furniture. They might look a little ugly for a while but hey, at least your bubs will be safe.

7. Medicine

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Always, always keep all medications locked in a cabinet that is out of your children's reach. Swallowing medication that is not meant for children has been known to cause fatal accidents.

8. Glasses

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Do not let your children use glasses or glass cups until they are ready. Glass can break very easily and young children can hurt themselves because they lack the capacity to understand the danger. So store away the glasses and give them plastic cups instead.

9. Small Objects

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Any small things lying around the house are potential choking hazards especially during the phase when babies put everything into their mouths. Keep such items stored away and always make sure to cut fruits into bite-size portions to reduce the chance of choking.

Never underestimate the importance of childproofing your home. Your little one's safety should always be top priority.

Mums and dads, it's not enough for just you to be aware of these safety tips. Please remember to share this information with your maids, nannies or any other caregivers of your little ones. 


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