10 Dangerous Medicines for Your Baby

10 Dangerous Medicines for Your Baby

Being a parent is sometimes confusing. Medicines are a serious business for babies. You should always consult your doctor before giving your baby any type of medicine. But there are some that you should never give your baby.

Medicines are a tricky business for parents. Ask yourself if you know what are dangerous medicines for your baby. You know your child does not feel good, but what can you give them safely?

Always talk to your doctor before giving your baby any type of medicine, even herbal medicines. Babies bodies are not fully immune to some things, and that would include plants.

Babies can have strange reactions to many types of plants and herbs, so you do not want to take a chance with any of them.


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Aspirin is a no-no for any baby unless prescribed by your PD. Babies are susceptible to Reye's Syndrome, which can be a fatal illness. Always check any over the counter medicine to make sure it does not contain aspirin. Check with your doctor about alternatives for your babies fever and discomfort.

Over the counter cold medicines

Over the counter cold medicines are not advised to give to babies. Studies have shown that they do not help to soothe symptoms in babies. If they are not given correctly they could cause damage to your infant. They have the possibility for too many side effects that young babies may not be able to handle.

Any adult medications

One thing all parents should remember is that babies are much smaller than we are. You should never give your baby adult medicine, whether it be over the counter or prescribed. Babies immune systems are much more fragile than adults, their little bodies can not handle all the things ours' do.

Any medications prescribed for someone else

10 Dangerous Medicines for Your Baby

When doctors prescribe medicine, they take into consideration that person's body type, weight and medical history. Your baby is not going to have that same type of body. The medicine may have worked well for the person it was prescribed for, but maybe fatal to your child.

Expired medications

Any type of medicine that is expired should always be thrown away immediately. Medications that are expired can change, the formula that was made for them to do good can have the opposite effect if they are expired. It does not take long for medications to go bad, especially when not kept properly.

Chewable tablets

Chewable tablets are a choking hazard for babies. Never give your baby anything that is not in liquid form.

Anti-nausea medicines

You should never give your baby any type of anti-nausea medicine that is not prescribed by your doctor specifically for your baby. Many anti-nausea medicines can contain a form of antiemetic. Antiemetics have serious side effects for babies, especially fetus'.

Most antiemetic medicines have Bismuth subsalicylate in them. Which can give your baby dark stools or ringing in their ears. Now for adults that may not be a big deal, but for babies, this could cause unwanted problems.


Ipecac used to be a remedy for extracting poisons from a person's body. Doctor's have now figured out that vomiting may not be the answer. Using ipecac in a child can cause them to continue vomiting long after any poison is out of their system. This can cause dehydration in an infant.

Allergy medicine

You should never give your baby allergy medicine unless prescribed by your doctor. Over the counter allergy medicine contains antihistamines that can have an adverse effect on babies. Many babies will outgrow some allergies that they are born with.


10 Dangerous Medicines for Your Baby

Although honey is not a medication, it is used in many types of herbal remedies. Honey carries the spores for botulism. When an infant digest botulism spores they germinate in their stomach and create a toxin that will spread throughout their bodies. Anyone who eats honey will digest these spores, but adults and older children's bodies can deal with it better.

Always consult your doctor before you give your baby any type of medicine. Even if it is something your mother used to give you all the time. Times are changing and manufacturers are always looking for a cheaper way to make medicines. Do not let your child suffer by using things that are not recommended.

There are many dangerous medicines for your baby. Now you know some of them, so be careful and consult a doctor before giving any forms of medications to your lil one.

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