Home safety reminder: Child stuck in washing machine

Home safety reminder: Child stuck in washing machine

The little girl's ordeal reminds us why it's so important to childproof our homes, even when kids are bigger.

Children are curious little beings and think the world is theirs to explore. Because of this, they often have no sense of danger and put themselves in risky situations, like in the recent case of a child stuck in washing machine in China. 

According to the girl’s mother, the six-year-old girl climbed into the washing machine one Sunday night, at 8:30 pm. She said she was only playing, when she realised that she could not get herself out of the washing machine again.

child stuck in washing machine

Child stuck in washing machine rescued by firefighters

Distressed, her parents called for emergency services to help get her out. Seven firefighters arrived swiftly to rescue the poor little girl. It took the firefighters around an hour of intense labor, assisted by serious power tools, before they eventually cut through the washing machine drum and released the little girl. 


child stuck in washing machine

A curious child can put herself in all kinds of danger, if parents do not keep a watchful eye.

child stuck in washing machine

Thankfully, the child stuck in washing machine story had a happy ending. But it could have ended in an absolute tragedy.

Child stuck in washing machine story teaches important lessons in safety

The little girl of this story was very lucky to have got through her ordeal without a scratch. But, things could have been very different if, say, she managed to turn the power on somehow. Her story is a reminder to all parents just how quickly little ones can land themselves in trouble. This remains true even when they are bigger — and all the more so if they are toddlers. 

Do take a few moments to read these following safety tips about child-proofing your home, so that your kids can stay safe and sound at all times: 

  • Block the entrance to your kitchen. It is full of dangers for an exploring toddler or younger child. 
  • All cupboards that house that house chemicals, insecticides, bleach etc should be securely fastened with a child-lock. 
  • Washing machines, dishwashers and ovens should be strict no-go zones for children. 
  • Secure all heavy furniture to the wall to prevent them from toppling over on your child. 
  • Attach child safety gates to the top and bottom of stairways. 
  • Keep children away from hot beverages or food. They can get scalded very badly if these spill on them. 

For a comprehensive article on baby-proofing your house, please click here. And as always, educate and remind all caregivers of your child to follow safety rules that keep your little one safe. 


Source: The Shanghaiist

Images: screengrabs, The Shanghaiist

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