Mum makes her child pick up trash for a day after he refuses to go to school

Mum makes her child pick up trash for a day after he refuses to go to school

The 5-year-old's clever mum decided to make him pick up trash to teach him a valuable lesson about life...

Whenever your child refuses to go to school, how do you motivate them? 

Maybe you can take your cue from this clever mum in Thailand, who came up with the brilliant, unconventional plan to use her child’s stubbornness to teach him a valuable lesson about life.

Child refuses to go to school, mum makes him pick up trash

In a series of posts on Facebook, which have since gone viral with over 60,000 shares, the clever mum Nuttanitcha Chotsirimeteekul recounts how she and her husband went around the city with their child, making him pick up other people’s trash for a profit.

Walking about 2.2km along the streets of Bangkok, they tasked their preschooler to pick up plastic and glass bottles, which he then had to sell. After a long day of scavenging, the child was able to collect bottles that amounted to two baht for 2kg. 

child refuses to go to school

Image source: Nuttanitcha Chotsirimeteekul Facebook page

Once they were done, the boy asked if they could take the bus. But he soon realised he didn’t have enough money.

“Then we have to find more bottles to earn more money,” said his mum. After that the adorable preschooler said he was fine with walking.   

“I’m so tired, it’s so hot, I want to go home,” the boy said in another video, where he is visibly exhausted.

child refuses to go to school

Image source: Nuttanitcha Chotsirimeteekul Facebook page

Child refuses to go to school, but learns valuable lesson about life

Facebook netizens lauded the parents for their creative teaching methods. Some commented that they should be proud of their son for respecting authority. Others questioned the harshness of their methods.

Whatever you think about this discipline style, there’s no denying that it was effective. In another video of the boy, he exclaims:”I want to go to school!”

The proud mum shared that the experience gave an important and lasting lesson for her son about the value of hard work. But aside from that, she believes she and her husband can use this as inspiration to continue being a good role models for him. 

What mums and dads can teach kids about the value of working hard

Self-discipline can’t be forced

Whatever discipline style you believe in, one things for sure: you can’t impose discipline. It’s something that’s encouraged and nurtured over time. Making guided mistakes, as they say, helps kids grow and mature.

Over time, they will learn to make better choices, to strive harder, knowing that nothing worthwhile is just handed to them without effort.

Sometimes tough love works

Though others might call forcing your child to work a bit “harsh,” there are times when techniques like these can be necessary. The Thai mum may not be “conventional” when it comes to how she handled the situation wherein her child refuses to go to school, but she knows her child best.

In the same way, you know how to be firm with your child, to help them learn to become better people, while still making them feel loved and supported.

Kids need to know their parents will always be there

Yes, tough love is necessary at times, but it has to be paired with love and reassurance. Like the Thai mum who worked hard alongside her son, teaching him and supporting him even if he struggled to learn his lesson.

Kids need to know that, whatever obstacle in life they’ll face, they will have parents guiding them and cheering them on every step of the way. 

Sources: Asia One, Psychology Today

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