Maid in Singapore Jailed 18 months For Sexually Exploiting Young Boy

Maid in Singapore Jailed 18 months For Sexually Exploiting Young Boy

She threatened the boy to keep quiet by telling him she had footage of their intimacy and would tell it to his parents...

We let maids in our homes trusting them that nothing serious will happen. However, don’t forget that maids are still strangers and can commit a variety of horrible acts. This is highlighted by a recent case of child abuse by maid, this time of the sexual kind. 

Maid sexually exploits employer’s underaged son

The maid from India had carried out sexual acts with her employer’s son — an underaged minor. She even said that she had recorded footage of them both being intimate.

According to Prosecutor Chee Ee Ling, the maid used the video to keep him silent. She threatened to reveal the video to the boy’s parents during their arguments so that he would keep quiet. 

The victim was around 11 to 12 years old when the crime was committed. Court documents could not confirm whether the maid had really shot a video or not.

After a five-day trial, Ng Peng Hong, the District Judge, declared the maid, aged 33, to be guilty of four counts of sexual exploitation, as well as making the boy alarmed. 

The maid was convicted with 18 months of imprisonment on November 22. However, Jonathan Cho, one of her defence lawyers from Covenant Chambers, stated on November 28 that she will argue against this judgement.

child abuse by maid

Child abuse by maid can have psychological consequences on a child. (Image for illustration purposes only). | Image Source: Stock Photo

Child abuse by maid: What happened?

The family hired the maid from January 2015 to July 2016. However, her name cannot be disclosed because of a gag order to guard the victim’s identity.

In the court trial, the boy testified that his maid sexually exploited him several times while both of them were all alone together. He said that she started this inappropriate  behaviour in January 2016.

Court documents state that initially, the maid prepared her victim for sexual interactions by using a lewd gesture implying sexual intercourse.

According to the boy’s testimony, the maid’s abuse continued to escalate. Some few days after the gesture, she told him to enter the kitchen. There, the maid requested him to brush his lips against hers.

The boy apparently did it because he was curious.

DPP Chee explained that “These inappropriate kisses by the accused occurred about once a week and the duration and intensity of these kisses started to increase.”

Before long, the kisses evolved into more intense sexual interactions, said the DPP.

But everything was eventually uncovered…

Later, DPP Chee explained to Judge Ng that “one day, the accused suddenly told the victim that she has recorded a video of them engaging in sexual activities and she would show this video clip to her brother and the victim’s parents.”

Chee continued to explain that her threat distressed the boy. When both of them argued, the maid would tell the boy of the video’s existence to keep him silent.

However, everything was unveiled on July 11, 2016. 

That day, the boy rang his dad, telling him that the maid was going to smack him.

His father returned home. Still, the maid tried persuade him that not a thing had happened. Afterwards, she asked him: “Do you know what your son is doing?”

The boy became quiet. His dad at once knew there was something amiss. So, he brought him to a bedroom to have a chat.

Once inside, the child began wailing after telling him about what he experienced with the maid. The police were informed of the situation five days later.

In addition to Mr Cho, the maid also had two other lawyers from Covenant chambers: Mr Ronald JJ Wong and Mr Tedrick Chai. 

The three lawyers argued to clear the maid’s charges. They stated that contrary to the case, the maid argued it was the boy who approached her inappropriately with dirty acts.

They further explained that the boy made up a story against her because he was scared people would discover his sexual acts.

Currently, the maid has been released and is on bail. Under Singapore law, the maid could have been imprisoned for a maximum of seven years and fined a maximum of $20,000 each time she sexually exploited the boy.

Red flags of watch out for in a maid. Your maid…

1. Isn’t specific when answering questions.

If she gives vague answers, then she might be hiding something from you on purpose.

If she gets defensive when you ask for details, it might mean she feels her ability as a caregiver is being questioned.

2. Isn’t doing a good job. You see your kid regularly exhausted and cranky.

One of the main responsibilities of a maid is making sure the child left in their care is well-rested and well-fed.

If your child seems easily upset or tired, then your maid might not be doing her job.

At the end of the day, a good maid influences good behavior in your child.

child abuse by maid

One of the main signs of child abuse by maid is if they snap or physically hit them. | Image Source: Stock Photo

3. Snaps at your kids

We often hear horror stories about babies and toddlers being at the receiving end of a helper’s frustrations.

If you suspect your maid of maltreating your child, look out for subtle and not-so-subtle signs of this behaviour in your little one. Check if you child is anxious when left alone with the maid, or has more obvious signs such as bruises or bumps.

If you do catch your maid venting her stress on your children, then show her the door as soon as possible.

4. Is a slacker

Stress and anxiety can make even the best workers antsy and forgetful. One of the ways your maid may express her stress is by slacking in her daily duties.

She may do this intentionally to try and get her message across to you, or unintentionally as her anxious thoughts overrule her daily routine. So if you spot her slacking in her work, speak to her directly and address the issue that may be making her cranky.

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References: Straits Times

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