Cheryl Wee Gives Birth To A Baby Boy A Day After Her Birthday!

Cheryl Wee Gives Birth To A Baby Boy A Day After Her Birthday!

Actress and entrepreneur Cheryl Wee and hubby Roy Fong have just welcomed their first baby! Here's congratulating them...

Cheryl Wee(actress-entrepreneur, and daughter of beauty maven Jean Yip) has just welcomed her first baby!

The actress gave birth to a baby boy on Apr 26, 2018, just one day after her birthday.

Cheryl Weegives birth

Cheryl hasn’t shared the first pictures of the baby yet. 

She instead, posted a picture on Insta-stories saying, “[S]tarted off this morning…. and now our heart (sic) are filled with gratitude and love.”

Cheryl Wee


A day earlier, on her 31st birthday, she had posted, “So much to be thankful for this year. as we wait eagerly for you to arrive baby, I’m truly thankful for the gift of life and this life within my life.”

“I’m thankful for a understanding and loving husband to share my life’s journey with as we embark new adventures together and one coming really soon.”

“A bday I don’t wish anything for me but every blessing and wishes to you little baby. That you’ll be delivered in due time, soon I hope, cos we are supposed to share the same bday today, that you’ll be safe, healthy, happy and delivered soon!”

Cheryl Wee


Cheryl Weepregnancy journey

Cheryl first announced her pregnancy late last year. She and her hubby, architect Roy Fong posted a super cute video, showing the couple unwrapping boxes of Christmas presents – and finally, a note that said “WeefongaBaby” (We found a baby).

Cheryl Wee


Since then, her social media has been peppered with details of the pregnancy and her food cravings, and her newfound love for cheese. She has also been eager to share her struggles and what worked for her.

Cheryl reveals the worst part of her pregnancy, “Getting sick cos of morning sickness and actually getting sick are the worst parts the past 38 weeks.”

She also recently shared some gorgeous pictures from her pregnancy shoot.

Cheryl Wee


cheryl wee


And finally, here is a sweet message this mummy wrote to her son last month…

“You move most when you’re hungry.
You’re a lot calmer than I am. 
Your fav foods are cheese, sashimi (tho I can’t feed you with it), cantonese soup. claypot rice. 
You love black coffee, kopi o kosong . You’ve been really good and sleep with me through most nights. 
You enjoy swimming.
We look forward to meeting you every month and tmr we’ll be seeing you again baby!”

Here’s congratulating this gorgeous mummy and wishing this family lots of love, peace and happiness!

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