Only 3 packs of breast milk left behind for baby of mum who died in fire

Only 3 packs of breast milk left behind for baby of mum who died in fire

Despite her busy schedule, Lim Siaw Chian was a mum who would make time to pump milk for her infant daughter.

chemist who died in jurong fire, mum left 3 packs of breast milk

Ms Lim would send a photo of her baby to her family back home almost every day.
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A young mum who was killed in the recent (Oct 12) Jurong fire left with her 3 packages of breast milk. Those are the only remaining ones for her baby girl.

In the laboratory accident, Lim Siaw Chian passed away, and seven others were injured.

According to a Chinese Malaysian publication, Ms Lim planned on returning to work after her maternity leave to resume breastfeeding. Despite her busy schedule, she would make time to pump and then store the breast milk in the refrigerator before heading to work every day.

“Now that she’s gone, we don’t know what to feed the infant,” her father shared with Straits Times.

Upon hearing about the news about the baby who was left with only 3 packages of breast milk, Singapore’s Breastfeeding Mums Group on Facebook expressed their worries. Several mums in the Facebook group were concerned and wanted to help by arranging a milk drive. As of 15 October, someone has contacted Ms Lim’s brother regarding the arrangement.

We salute the mums who have offered their help, and our thoughts are with the baby and the family.

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