Charlize Theron is amazed by her kids' 'sacred and beautiful' bond

Charlize Theron is amazed by her kids' 'sacred and beautiful' bond

The Oscar winner is absolutely amazed by the love her two adopted children have for one another

Oscar winner Charlize Theron looked stunning at the premiere of her latest film The Huntsman: Winter’s War but her mind was on her children.

While being interviewed by Extra on the red carpet, the mum of two couldn’t help but gush about her children’s affection for each other, calling it “a love that is unbelievable to watch.”

She adopted her 4-year-old son Jackson from her hometown in South Africa and nearly three years later, she adopted her daughter August.

Being an only child, she said that watching their bond grow makes her feel like she’s “watching something so sacred and beautiful”.

She adds, “He walks into a room and he doesn’t even look at her and she just lights up. I’m in front of her going crazy trying to get a reaction… It’s so beautiful.”

And though being a mum seems so natural for her, she’s not planning on having another kid any time soon.

“Both of my hands are really full right now,” the single mum told Entertainment Tonight. “My son is like, ‘Let’s get a cat,’ and I’m like, ‘No! No! No more things that need to be fed! We’re slowing down.'”

It has not even been a year since she adopted August but time flies.

“She’s great, she’s growing like a weed,” Theron told Extra. “It’s insane — it’s unbelievable how quickly they become little people. I’m trying to hang on to my little baby, but she’s just fighting right through that like, ‘I’m ready to go.'”

The doting mum also gave a touching speech at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards as she accepted the award for Best Female Performance for her portrayal of Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. She dedicated the award to her daughter, her “own Furiosa”.

Her son Jackson was on her mind, too: “There was no way I couldn’t thank my son because it was a tough movie for me to make. And he was in the trailer every single day. There’s not one moment where I don’t realise how unbelievably lucky I have it,” she gushed. “They’re little gems, they really are. They’re amazing.”

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