Changi Recommends Shares How You Can Save For Your Japan Trip!

Changi Recommends Shares How You Can Save For Your Japan Trip!

Planning a trip to Japan? Picturesque cherry blossoms, exotic heritage sites and of course, the food - just the thought of it is bound to make you tingle with excitement. But let’s face it – your holiday is only as good as your planning gets and the last thing you want when travelling is forgetting something!

We’re not just talking about forgetting to turn off the stove or unplugging the iron. We’re talking about making sure you’ve got everything in order so that you enjoy your trip without unnecessary stress or burning a hole in your pocket.

It’s a lot to think about but it’s definitely possible. We’ve got a comprehensive guide to the perfect vacation to Japan – from the pre-planning to booking and of course, a guide to some of the attractions. While we’re at it, we’ll help you to cut the cost as well!

Changi Recommends Shares How You Can Save For Your Japan Trip!


Vacation Planning Checklist

  1. Accommodation

This is the most important thing to consider when planning a vacation. Don’t play the roulette and try to find accommodation on-the-go—especially when travelling with children. Do your research beforehand and pick a hotel that meets the needs of your family and one that suits your budget. Make sure to scout for the best deals such as promotional rates and promo codes. To help you get started, use our promo code FEBSTAY and enjoy 4% discount off hotel bookings with a min spend of SGD250, capped at SGD20. Terms and conditions apply.

  1. Transportation

It’s all good to ‘wing it’ when travelling alone or as a couple but do yourself a favour and make your transportation arrangements beforehand when travelling as a family. Most airport shuttles, coaches and trains can be pre-booked. Get that out of the way so you can focus on enjoying moments and snapping more pictures without a frenzied expression! Pro-tip: don’t forget to factor travel time while planning your itinerary.  Many travellers end up disappointed because they pack the day with too many things and don’t allocate buffer time.

  1. Wi-Fi

Let’s face it: we can’t do without it. Most, if not all, of your booking confirmations and itineraries, are online so chances are, you will need an internet connection to access those. Not forgetting the need to access Google every now and then to find out just where that famous Sushi joint is, or which are the shortest walking routes around town. Don’t assume that you will get Wi-Fi wherever you are and surely you don’t want to spend on a bomb on data roaming fees. So make sure you book international Wi-Fi routers/services. Changi Recommends has great Wi-Fi packages with 2 free days of Changi Wifi rental promo (minimum 4 days rental). Just quote FOC2TAP (valid for bookings made by 29 Feb 2020 for travels by 30 Apr 2020).

  1. Travel Insurance

Anything can go wrong during a holiday and when it does, you may be left feeling stranded and helpless in an unfamiliar place. While it’s always good to hope for the best, it’s also best to assume the worst! So never underestimate the importance of travel insurance, for when faced with unforeseen circumstances, you don’t need the additional burden of finances. Save up to 60% on travel insurance with Hyfe Assure offered by Changi Recommends by quoting HYFECOVERS.

  1. Foreign Exchange

Sometimes, in the hassle of planning and packing you might forget to get your foreign currency settled. Fret not for you can purchase it online on the Changi Recommends website and have it delivered to your home. The rates are competitive and it’s extremely convenient! With this service, you won’t have to worry about losing on the exchange rate and charging your credit cards that come with overseas charging fees.

Now that we’ve taken you through the essential planning checklist, here is a curated list of 5 attractions not to be missed in Japan. There’s something for everyone. Here’s the best part - Changi Recommends has some discounts just for you. 

Changi Recommends Shares How You Can Save For Your Japan Trip!


Attractions in Japan

  1. Tokyo Disneyland – if you’re travelling with children, this should be (and probably already is) at the top of your list. Explore the wonders of the 7 enchanting theme lands that Tokyo Disneyland has to offer without the long lines at the ticketing counters. Meet your favourite Disney characters, experience the famous rides and overwhelm your senses as you walk through the entrance with the vibrant atmosphere and thrilling attractions.
  2. Mt. Fuji Tour – discover and marvel at the majestic Mount Fuji with this bus tour. You will visit Oshino Hakkai, a series of eight ponds, Oshino Shinobi no Sato, a ninja village, enjoy a scrumptious Japanese lunch, experience an exhilarating ride on the Fuji Airways 4D flight simulator and much more!
  3. Biwako Valley Snow Play or Ski Tour – enjoy the winter at Biwako Valley Ski Resort, the only ski resort within the Kansai region equipped with a U-shaped snowboarding trail and slalom trail. With 8 different courses, 7 ski-lifts and a 1400-metre track, both beginner and professional skaters are sure to have a breathtaking experience. Sleds, shovels, tubes, snowmen building experiences and snowball fights await the younger ones who get to play freely in the snow at Snow Land Park.
  4. Tokyo Tower – one of the major landmarks of the city of Tokyo, this striking red-and-white tower illuminates the evening skies of the busy city, taking photographs of this stunning cityscape worthy keepsakes for your album of memories!
  5. Sightseeing Day Tour at Arashiyama and Nara Park – this well-paced tour is perfect for those who are looking to see the natural beauty of Kyoto. Stroll around the area and soak in the scenic sights and water vistas dotting the area and indulge in a hearty lunch buffet. Just three hours spent in ancient Kyoto (and more in Nara Park) are enough for your healthy dose of nature!

All of these and many more attractions can be pre-booked at attractive prices on the Changi Recommends website. Quote GTHUAT88 to get $88 off, minimum spending of $800, GTHUAT18 to get $18 off, minimum spending of $200, or GTHUAT8 to get $8 off, minimum spending of $100.

Planning a trip, especially for the whole family, may be daunting but it doesn’t need to be. With Changi Recommends, the entire process is convenient and fuss-free from online booking to jetting off on your holiday.  Start packing. Your great adventure to The Land of The Rising Sun awaits you!

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