These adorable celebrity kids totally stole the spotlight at the Grammys 2018!

These adorable celebrity kids totally stole the spotlight at the Grammys 2018!

These little ones are truly stars in their own right!

It was the biggest night in music, but the scene-stealers were the tiniest ones on the guest list. Bruno Mars may have swept the accolades – winning six major awards – but these celebrity children at the Grammys were the true winners!

Celebrity children at the Grammys: The little ones who stole the spotlight and won our hearts!

Beyoncé and Jay-z’s daughter Blue Ivy

Music icons Beyoncé and Jay-z, clad in black couture, looked every bit as stylish as they always do. But all eyes were on Blue Ivy.

Our favourite moment happened after the red carpet event. Seated between her parents, six-year-old Blue Ivy sported an ivory suit and a matching cheeky attitude. 

Out of all the celebrity children at the Grammys, Blue Ivy starred in a meme-worthy moment. Did you happen to catch her shushing mum Beyoncé and dad Jay-Z to keep them from clapping as the band U2 was being introduced?

They might be the most powerful couple in music, but this moment showed us who’s truly the boss in Carter household. So adorable!

DJ Khaled’s son Asahd

Another celebrity kid who stole the show was record producer DJ Khaled’s pinch-worthy baby boy, who is already a rising star. With 1.8 million followers on Instagram, Asahd Tuck Khaled was one of the most influential celebrity children at the Grammys. He is well on his way to becoming a global superstar, just like his daddy!

celebrity children at the grammys

Image source: DJ Khaled Instagram page

Our favourite moment? When he played peek-a-boo with red carpet host Ryan Seacrest, who seemed totally amused by the friendly one-year-old.

celebrity children at the grammys

His mum Nicole Tuck was all-smiles as her little one lit up the red carpet! | Image source: Asahd Khaled Instagram page

Pink’s kids Willow and Jameson

Three-time Grammy winner Pink was nominated for Best Pop Vocal performance that night and she wowed the crowd with a stirring performance of her song “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.”

She took the stage in a comfortable, laidback ‘mom outfit,’ which was a far cry from the feathery Armani Privé gown she wore on the red carpet. And people loved her all the more for keeping it real!

But the pop icon’s six-year-old daughter Willow also had a blast at this year’s Grammys! (Her youngest child, one-year-old Jameson, might have been a bit cranky, but he was no less adorable.)

celebrity children at the grammys

Pink with husband Carey Hart, daughter Willow, 6, and son Jameson, 1  | Image source: Pink Instagram page)

Backstage, Willow met one of her idols, Rihanna and posed for an adorable photo with her! We absolutely adore Willow’s soft tutu and dark jacket ensemble. 

“Dreams come true. My daughter lives for this woman. So do I,” wrote proud mum Pink on Instagram. 

celebrity children at the grammys

Image source: Pink Instagram page

Celebrity children at the Grammys: What can we learn from their hands-on parents?

Beyoncé, DJ Khaled, and Pink are all successful celebrities, but despite their star status, they’re no different from typical parents, with relatable concerns. Here are some lessons we’ve learned from them over the years!

Inspire your kids by sharing your passions with them

While celebrities seem to have it easy, they are no less torn between work obligations and family time. You can’t always tote your toddler along with you to work, just like these celebrities did. But what we can learn from these celebrity parents is to inspire kids to pursue their dreams in life by reaching for our own.

“Do things that you love to do. I love being a father, doing music. I love life,” award-winning record producer and artist DJ Khaled told E!’s Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet

Don’t pressure yourself to be perfect

A master multi-tasker, Pink manages to balance it all. Despite this, she remains candid and honest, not placing too much pressure on herself to be the perfect parent. 

celebrity children at the grammys

Image source: Pink Instagram page

She also writes her own rules! As long as her kids are happy, loved, and safe, she knows she’s on the right track.

“Yeah my kid rides her bike inside. Without clothes. And helmets. While I ignore her and look at my phone,” she wrote on Instagram, not caring what others will say about it. 

celebrity children at the grammys

Image source: Pink Instagram page

Love yourself, at any size

Embrace your mum bod! Know that it is special and powerful, regardless of how much weight you’ve gained (or lost)!

celebrity children at the grammys

Image source: Beyonce Instagram page

“I just feel my body means something completely different. I feel a lot more confident about it,” Beyoncé told Vogue in a past cover story. “Even being heavier, thinner, whatever. I feel a lot more like a woman. More feminine, more sensual. And no shame.”

Embrace your purpose as a parent

“[Having a daughter] just gives you purpose and all of the things that my self-esteem was associated with, it’s all completely different,” Beyoncé told Anderson Cooper in a previous interview. 

celebrity children at the grammys

Image source: HBO

The pop icon, who’s now a mum of three, also credited her firstborn for helping shape her identity, even as a woman in her 30s.

“My daughter introduced me to myself,” Beyoncé told Oprah Winfrey about her “best friend” and daughter. “You know, my mother and I are so close, and I always prayed that I would have that type of relationship with my daughter.”

celebrity children at the grammys

Image source: Beyonce Instagram page

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