Celebrate mum-prenuers this Mother's Day with LINE!

Celebrate mum-prenuers this Mother's Day with LINE!

This Mother's day, LINE, will be celebrating mum-prenuers this Mother's Day, by giving them a chance to grow their business through [email protected]

World's leading lifestyle platform, LINE, allows users from all over the world to connect with each other through a variety of ways. [email protected] is one of LINE's family apps where users can create official accounts that will enable them to share personal and professional content to other users.

This Mother's day, LINE will be celebrating mum-prenuers. Mums and business owners will be given a chance to grow their businesses through [email protected]

Businesses can reach a wider audience of thousands with just a click of a button. Send mass messages to customers and fans that you have as friends in your account and even gather feedback from them! [email protected] is the ultimate tool to promote your business and events. You have a new menu item or changed your contact details? No worries!

Directly engage with fans and customers. Say hello to hassle free communication with customers! With [email protected], you can even have one-to-one chats with customers and fans regarding enquiries or even placement of orders!

Share updates of your businesses via the timeline. Got a new bunch of products coming in next week? No problem, post pictures of them to your timeline and keep your followers updated, all at one go!

Stay connected anytime, anywhere. Try linking your [email protected] account with your business cards when giving them out during business events. This way, you can give fans and customers an added and different way to reach out to you.

Give feedback surveys to your customers. Not sure if your latest product line is a big hit with your customers? No worries, set up polls with [email protected]'s research page. Through this, you can gather feedback on products and services or create customer profiles with information such as age and gender. The statistics provided can be used for user behaviour.

Offer customer benefits. With your [email protected] account, you can give your fans and customers discounts and coupons with just a click of a button. LINE's new app feature; Coupon Book, will allow your customers to easily manage and keep track of the coupons they receive on LINE.

There are currently two plan options; free and paid. A paid plan will allow you to gain full access to the features. For more information on the plans or to sign up, visit their website.

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Aisyah Amin

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