Singapore mum's horror as ceiling fan breaks over her two children

Singapore mum's horror as ceiling fan breaks over her two children

One of the blades hit the wall near the dining table, where one of the girls was sitting.

On July 26, Singapore mum Joey Tan took to Facebook to warn other parents about a scary incident that happened to her family. It involved a ceiling fan breaking into pieces in her living room while her kids were sitting directly underneath it. 

Ceiling Fan Breaking While Running Highlights Safety Issues to Watch Out For

Ms Tan explains in her post: 

"This happened yesterday evening when my 2 young children were sitting in the living room under the ceiling fan.

"The fan’s blade suddenly came apart and went hurtling towards the wall before landing on my dining table. It was a really close shave and we were lucky the blade did not hurt any of my kids. When you buy a ceiling fan please choose the brand and quality of ceiling fan.

"I had make a call to the company and they suggest me to change to wooden material blades and charge sgd115 which won’t so easily crack again but I don’t make the decision. They call me back after short while and warn me don’t on the fan and offer remove the fan."

She also provides the brand details in her post, which you can read here. 

Her children and other family members are very lucky to have escaped any injury. Things could have been very different had the broken blades struck one of them at high speed.

One of the fan blades left a dent in a wall near the dining table, where Joey's oldest daughter had been sitting. 

Potential Ceiling Fan Hazards to Look Out For 

In 2016, another Singapore mum shared a warning about a ceiling fan breaking. This time, it was directly over the bed where she and her then four-month-old baby were on. Luckily, the fan had been at low speed and Karen (the mum) was able to turn it off when she heard it rattling and shaking. 

Still, one blade came off. You can read her Facebook post about the incident below:

In yet another horrible incident involving a ceiling fan, a dad had been throwing his baby girl up in the air, but didn't think of the fan rotating directly above. 

Her head hit the fan, resulting in a horrible injury. You can read the story here. 

Mums and dads, when installing ceiling fans, it's really important to select good quality fans from reputed brands. Proper installation also matters, as does regular maintenance. 

Don't forget to clean the fan blades whenever you notice dust and dirt accumulating on them. When these dust particles are spread through the air by the fan, it can lead to respiratory conditions in your little ones and other family members. 


Source: Facebook/ Joey Tan

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