Canon PIXMA Printers Bring out the Creativity in You

Canon PIXMA Printers Bring out the Creativity in You

All this talk lately of the importance of engaging our children in creative play has got me seriously anxious, especially now that the school holidays are within sniffing distance. Firstly, I've not got a single creative bone in my body but with the help of Google and plenty of free time on my hands to do some research, go out and purchase resources and then actually carry out the activity, maybe I could pull something off. But for the entire 6 weeks of the holiday? Plus if you're like me, a full-time working mum, of not one, but two young children, aged 3 and 1, you see where I'm coming from.

Canon PIXMA Printers Bring out the Creativity in You

 “Canon PIXMA Creative Park”

This was until I discovered Canon PIXMA's latest range of printers and accompanying software all just a simple mouseclick away. I was pleasantly surprised upon exploring Canon PIXMA's Creative Park website which is basically an online repository of downloadable free (that's right, you heard me, FREE) craft-making projects.

Canon PIXMA Printers Bring out the Creativity in YouAnd when I say the selections are extensive, I am hardly doing it justice. With the holiday season just around the corner, the sections for creating greeting cards, gift boxes and the like immediately caught my eye and all at once I was lost in the dizzying array of designs and templates to choose from. But I digress. Back to my search for some possible craft projects to engage my 3-year-old in and I was practically blown away by the plethora of things we could actually make with paper! From animals to vehicles to architecture, the possibilities were endless! The section on toys really appealed to me since my boy would not only learn to make his own toys but be able to utilise his imagination in playing with them afterward. Not only would making his own toys strengthen his motor skills, letting him play with his own self-made toys will help enhance his creative imagination as well.

Creative Park Premium

Besides all that, as long as you have both a PIXMA printer and Canon Original Inks, you even have exclusive access to Creative Park Premium where you get to use photos and illustrations by acclaimed artists. Here, even little ol' me and Junior can pass off as professionals with the ability to create amazing prints, posters, calendars, cards and even more unique 3D paper sculptures. You just need to ensure the genuine original Canon inks are properly installed and you purchase the right model since this is only available on selected models.


But the real cherry on the cake has got to be PIXMAtown for the simple reason that this is the place you can go to in order to inspire yourself and help get those creative juices really flowing. The range of activities available goes beyond just craft to include things like home decor craft projects to resources for teaching my son how to draw to even printable resources like mazes and spot the difference puzzles for brain training. To top it all off, you have the opportunity to link up with contemporary artists and learn how to co-op their designs.

“My Image Garden” software

Creating original and attractive material with your pictures has never been easier than with Canon’s My Image Garden software. Even my son could do it! Not only does this feature help us discover new and interesting ways to compile and put together our photos, the numerous layout and design options makes personalisation of things like calendars, stickers and cards easy. But my ultimate favourite feature bar none, is that this software helps to consolidate all my photos saved in my computer in one place, even the ones I forgot I had! Because if you’re anything like me, you will have tonnes of pictures but forget that you had them in the first place or forget which folder they're saved in.

“Print Your Days” Facebook app

Be the envy of all your Facebook friends with cool and one-of-a-kind collages which enable you to include up to 5 images on attractive backgrounds and layouts, funky photo effects and even add in text. The best thing about this app is that you can simply print them out directly from Facebook without having to save them first. Totally fuss-free!

Wireless Printing

For enhanced convenience, Canon PIXMA printers allow you to access and print photos and ready-made stationery templates stored online wirelessly either via PIXMA Cloud Link. In addition, using Mobile printing, you can print photos or PDF documents directly from your iOS/ Android and Windows smartphone simply by installing the Canon Easy-Photo Print App. AirPrintTM allows users to print photos, emails, web pages and documents wirelessly without the hassle of installing device drivers or messy wires and proximity to power points. Printing has never been easier thanks to this feature.

Let Your Imagination Take Flight with Canon PIXMA

Canon PIXMA Printers Bring out the Creativity in YouPIXMA printers and the various supporting software and features make indulging in creative fun with my son a breeze. Focusing on an authentic bonding experience and devoting my fullest attention on my child then is a walk in the park. The only limits are those of our imagination. And Canon’s tagline reminds me to go for it as should you… Because You Can

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