6 Reasons why you should sign up your kid for Camp Dreamity

6 Reasons why you should sign up your kid for Camp Dreamity

Is your kid natural leader, always full of ideas? Then come September, he needs to be at Camp Dreamity, where he will be put through a boot camp on entrepreneurship.

Camp Dreamity

Today’s kids are more prepared to be entrepreneurs than any generation before. Camp Dreamity gives them the right training to prepare them for this role.

Does your kid see an opportunity where others only see problems? Is he always full of ideas about how to do old things in new ways?

Then perhaps he has what it takes to be nurtured into a leader.

Designed for kids between 8-14 years, Camp Dreamity is a deeply experiential games-based program that aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial mindset in school-aged children. The goal of the Dreamity Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (taking place from 8-13 September) is to curate the entrepreneurial youth from the masses and bring them into our unique eco-system to nurture them and hopefully inspire future generations that would have solutions to our current problems.

Here are 6 reasons why your kids should definitely be a part of the Dreamity Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

1. Understanding Innovation: With half the kids from low income or marginalised families, and the other half from regular households, the kids will have a chance to meet and mix with peers of different backgrounds and learn how to explore different facets of innovation.

2. They will be given the opportunity to develop problem solving skills and design sustainable solutions.

3. The youth will be taught the core lesson that when you innovate, there are chances that there will also be failure, but that they must always focus on the learnings from failure.

4. The participants will also receive training to help them in generating business ideas and skills to pitch their ideas.

5. Opportunities for presentations, public speaking and real life experience: On the last day, September 13, there will be a Dreamity Bazzar, where the participants will be able to try out the lessons they learn from Camp Dreamity. they will have to sell their products and services to the public, get feedback and have real hands on experience in running their business.

Watch this video to know what happened at last year’s Dreamity Camp.

Hurry, there are limited spaces available. Registration is now open, click here to save a place.

What: The Dreamity Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
Whom for: Youth between ages of 8-14 years
Where: 10 Square @ Orchard Central (181 Orchard Road, #10-01 Singapore 238896)
When: 8 – 11 September 2015, 10 am – 5pm
The Dreamity Bazzar will be on at Orchard Central on 13 September 2015 from 12 noon to 5pm.

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