Buying organic is easier and more affordable than you think!

Buying organic is easier and more affordable than you think!

Buying organic products does not necessarily need to be an expensive affair. The Organic Trade Association offers these five simple ways to enjoy more of your favourite organic products for less than you think.

Buying organic is easier and more affordable than you think!Choose organic versions of the products that you use most

To get the most benefit for your organic dollar, try buying USDA Organic versions of the products that you consume most often, such as rice or milk. Products with the USDA Organic seal are strictly regulated to consist of at least 95% organically produced ingredients, significantly reducing your exposure to harmful synthetic pesticide residues. At the same time, you will be supporting a system of agricultural management that is beneficial for the planet.

Scour your local supermarkets

With a growing appetite for organic foods in Singapore, there are a lot more affordable choices out there. Be flexible and creative in your purchasing options. Instead of only searching health food and specialty stores, look for the wide range of USDA Organic foods that are readily available in your local supermarkets such as FairPrice Finest and Cold Storage.

Multi-purpose ingredients

Several brands of USDA Organic products in Singapore such as pasta sauces can prove to be very affordable. You can use these basic organic sauces for everything from a quick pasta dinner to the spread on your sandwich or wrap without feeling a pinch! Such versatile sauces are an ingenious way to keep healthy without having to splurge on a variety of ingredients.

Rethink your food budget, cut the waste

Free up more dollars for organic food by cutting out some unnecessary items from your food budget. Add up all the dollars you spend every month on fast food meals, morning cups of premium coffee and even trips to vending machines. A small change in your eating habits could free up the money you need to buy the USDA Organic foods that your body truly deserves.

Check out customer loyalty programs

More and more retailers offer rewards programs for customer loyalty. These programs often allow you to earn points based on the purchases you make, which can then be used towards product discounts, free products, or other types of prizes. For example, in Four Seasons Organic Market, you can become a member by spending $100 and above in a single receipt. With this membership card, every dollar spent will earn you one point. Once you have accumulated 500 points, you will receive a $25 voucher that will help you save on your next organic purchase!

In addition to these five steps, make a shopping list before a trip to the supermarket and cook often at home. Making a list and sticking to that list will ensure that you do not over-spend with impulsive buys. By following these five simple ways, you will find that buying organic food can be economical after all.

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Felicia Chin

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