8 things busy mums should focus on to feel less flustered

8 things busy mums should focus on to feel less flustered

Are you a busy mum? You don’t have to do it all. Because no one can, and because looking after your own health will benefit your entire family

Being a mum in today’s world is tough.

With constant reminders that being the “best mother” is synonymous with keeping a magazine-worthy household, from cleaning to cooking from scratch, it’s not a surprise.Then there’s being physically, mentally and emotionally available for children 24/7--it’s no wonder mums are exhausted.

Want to know a secret?

You don’t have to do it all. Because no one can, and because looking after your own health (read as: sanity) will benefit your entire family.

So, to all mums who feel like they’re buried in a mountain of to-do lists, take a deep breath. Here are eight things you should really (and realistically) focus on to have a healthy and happy family!

Busy mum tip 1. Healthy fast food

Cut corners. Do one-pot meals that require a two-step process of chopping ingredients and tossing them in a pot. Walk away. When you return, you’ll have a meal ready.

There’s no need to always create meals from scratch. Pre-made, healthy bottled sauces are available for your convenience.

Busy mum tip 2. Hygiene

Cultivate in your children the importance of loving and caring for themselves by keeping their body clean.

While you’re at it, be smart. If you don’t want to constantly worry about your children’s oral care, for example, choose a product that offers multicare benefits like Darlie Double Action Multicare Toothpaste. It freshens breath, reduces oral bacteria, improves gum health, strengthens teeth, reduces plaque, prevents cavities, cleans between teeth, and whitens teeth.


Busy mum tip 3. Schedule

List down chores, extracurricular activities, and family activities in a physical or electronic calendar so you don’t run around like a headless chicken.

More importantly be flexible with the schedule. It’s there to guide you. So if you aren’t able to clean under the sofa today, don’t beat yourself up about it. There’s always next time.

Busy mum tip 4. Be present

Between work demands and wanting to unleash your inner Martha Stewart, you may be skipping out on what’s most important in life: enjoying time with loved ones.


That email from your boss can wait another 30 minutes. Close your laptop, look your children in the eye and soak in the simple joy of being surrounded by them. The memories these create will last your kids a lifetime.

Busy mum tip 5. Play

Block off time with your children. Focus on them, not the TV series you’re watching or catching up with a friend--you can do these when your kids are asleep.

Stay indoors to play a board game or dress up. Or go out to the park to play tag or read a book under a tree. Play boosts children’s overall well-being by improving cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. It also strengthens bonds between you.

Busy mum tip 6. School work

A study suggests that children who experience less stress have a lower risk of heart attack later in life. If there’s anything you can do to lessen stress, especially when it comes to school work, do it.

Help children develop the habit of doing homework. If some lessons are unclear to them, step in to help which makes them feel less flustered. There’s evidence to suggest that when parents and the rest of the community are involved in children’s education, they perform better in school.


Of course, avoid being too helpful, i.e. doing the homework yourself. The objective is for you to create a strong support system for your children.

Busy mum tip 7. Instill values

Values are rudders that steer children in the right direction. Come up with a list of values you want kids to have and take advantage of all the opportunities to teach them these. Be the best example as well of, say, patience, by keeping a cool head even if your kids refuse to shower or brush their teeth. It’s not the end of the world, after all.

Busy mum tip 8. Emergency

Have peace of mind by planning for the unplanned. First aid kits and emergency bags containing essentials are must-haves in every home.

Mums are great multitaskers because they are devoted to doing everything for their family. But remember that life is not one big to-do list. Focusing on what matters most is equally important.

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Erika Coronel

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