Bullying In Singapore: 15-Year-Old Girl Slapped And Punched By Bullies

Bullying In Singapore: 15-Year-Old Girl Slapped And Punched By Bullies

In a shocking video of bullying in Singapore, 2 girls are seen slapping and punching another girl at a corridor...

A video of bullying in Singapore, that we just saw on Facebook, has shocked us. 2 girls are seen slapping and kicking another girl at a corridor. 

According to Shin Min Daily News, the incident happened at Block 19 Jalan Sultan, on February 15, 2018.

15-year-old girl bullied in Singapore

The video shows 2 girls - one in a blue shirt and the other wearing Dunman Secondary School PE attire -squatting down and talking to another girl in black.

Suddenly we see the girl in blue giving a tight slap to the girl in black. Then both girls in blue slap and rain a few punches on the victim, until she lies down on the floor and covers her face.

Apparently, 2 other girls were watching the assault, while another girl was filming it. 

According to Shin Min Daily News, the 15-year-old victim has lodged a police report. One of the assailants it seems, lives in the block shown in the video.

The girl in the PE attire has already graduated, and is no longer a student of the school. The other girls don't study at Dunman Secondary School as well.

Police has confirmed that they are now investigating the case.

Here is the video of the incident:

 Last year, a video of three boys fighting in a classroom at St Hilda’s Secondary School had gone viral online. Just recently, another shocking video showed students kicking, punching and throwing chairs at their classmate.

Bullying in Singapore

According to a recent report, Singapore has the third highest rate of bullying globally! 

Findings of a survey of 5,825 Singapore students done by the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) were startling.

About 18.3 % of the students revealed they had been made fun of at least a few times each month, significantly higher than the average of 10.9 %. Other survey results released in July 2017 by Aware showed that more than half of the schoolboys here have hit, pushed, shoved, or spat on another boy.

The MOE has assured that more efforts will be taken to increase awareness of, and tackle bullying in Singapore schools.

The focus is on providing accessible channels like dedicated online platforms, where students can safely report bullying cases, as well as, prompt investigation and follow up of reported cases.

(Source: Stomp)

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