Bullies make boy choose between dignity and getting beat up

Bullies make boy choose between dignity and getting beat up

The boy was asked to choose between his dignity or getting a beating.

Bullying in school, unfortunately, is something our kids might be at risk at when they go to public school, private schools or even tuition centres or the playground! Some cases can be extreme and end up with a kid in the hospital. Bullying in Singapore is nothing new and it is sad that this continues everywhere across the world.

Bullying in school: Video goes viral

bullying in school

Source: Screenshot from YouTube

The most recent case that is going viral is a student getting bullied in a bathroom in Philippines. The videos, that went viral on social media, showed a student in his uniform, attacking a boy in a bathroom. 

In the video, the student is asking the boy to choose between getting a beating or keeping his dignity. 

The student went on to spell out how the scene would play out if the boy chose his dignity. The bully also made him say that he was dumb and added, “If he chooses to keep his dignity, I would make him kneel, kiss my shoes, and kiss my genitals.”

The victim ultimately chose to be beaten up. The bully was seen in the video saying: “Because if he chose dignity, I will slap him, and he will kiss my shoes but he wanted to be beaten up.”

Then the video shows almost immediately after, the bully starting to assault the victim.

Bullying in school, school releases statement

The school involved, Ateneo de Manila University Junior High School, released a statement on Twitter following the videos saying that an investigation is ongoing. 

In a statement, the school said the video “depicts an evident act of violence that constitutes a serious violation of disciplinary misconduct.”

“The Ateneo Junior High School is dealing with this matter seriously beginning with an immediate investigation that ensued the moment the report reached us,” it said.

The school also expressed its concern over the privacy of the minors and asked the public not to share the video.

“Not only has the privacy rights of these minors been breached but it has also provoked some reactions that do little to help the school in dealing appropriately with the incident,” it said.

Read the full tweet here.


Bullying in school: Dealing with a bully

bullying in school

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If your child is facing a similar fate, then you have to step in to ensure that they are able to overcome this situation. Here is what you can do as a parent if your child is being bullied:

1. Always show support. Bullying is serious. Aside from the obvious physical harm, it can negatively impact your child’s self-confidence and can lead to depression. Keep close tabs on your child’s day to day. Chat with him about what’s going on in school. You may also want to try out self-defence classes. Another important thing is to make sure they have good friends or allies they can keep close by. 

2. Teach them how to take the high road. You know the saying, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em? Well, we’re NOT supporting bullying. But what you should do is get your child to befriend the bully, rather than fear them or go against them. Sometimes, bullies come from the most broken of families. They might just be looking for a friend. 

3. If all else fails, walk away. If things show no signs of improving, just follow the textbook approach to bullying — tell your kids to avoid the bully.  It can be tempting to tell your child to fight back, but this only leads to escalation. And the violence just gets worse and worse.

Source: Rappler

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