8 compelling reasons to switch to a Bugaboo Bee5 RIGHT NOW!

8 compelling reasons to switch to a Bugaboo Bee5 RIGHT NOW!

The Bugaboo Bee5 is the latest offering from the house of Bugaboo and we tell you why it is the ultimate in urban strollers – and perfect for Singaporean mums and bubs alike.

Bugaboo Bee strollers are definitely royalty in the world of prams. With consistent upgrades and a host of user-friendly features, it’s no surprise that parents around the world love this sleek city-stroller.

Singaporean mummies are certainly no exception to this.

If you are a huge fan of Bugaboo prams, or simply looking to upgrade your current stroller to a better one, then you’re going to be amazed by the brand-new, updated Bugaboo Bee5!

Here are 8 reasons why the Bugaboo Bee5 Singapore, is your new-favourite luxury lightweight stroller: 

1. Completely customiseable, it’s perfect for the stylish mum! 

You get to choose the colours of your new Bee5’s base, canopy, wheels, seat and handlebar grips. You can even combine the colours if you wish!

The new Bugaboo Bee5 comes in 15 new colours and materials which range from solid colours such as olive green and dark red to the signature collection featuring Botanic or Wave print fabrics. 

Max Barenburg – Bugaboo’s Chief Design Officer and Co-founder – speaking to theAsianparent in Tokyo, said, “You should be able to dress your stroller the way you dress yourself in the morning – be able to mix and match elements to make the right style statement.” We couldn’t agree more!

bugaboo bee5 singapore

Bugaboo Bee5 Singapore: This stylish stroller is perfect for the stylish mum!

2. Better maneuverability 

Heading down a narrow but exciting city street with baby in tow? Climbing aboard public transport with bubba in the stroller? No problem with the new Bee5!

The new, redesigned wheels are chunkier than previous models, meaning your baby’s ride is totally smooth. The wheelbase though, is still slim and this means you can weave through supermarket aisles and hop on and off public transport with no issue at all. 

3. Short mums, tall mums – the Bee5 has all heights covered!

There’s nothing worse that a stroller with a handlebar that is too high for short mums, or too low for tall mums.

No such thing with the Bee5 which features a handlebar that can be easily adjusted to several heights.  

4. It’s super comfy for baby

The Bee5 features a really comfortable foam-padded seat that cushions your tot’s little tush perfectly! The seat unit can be parent or world-facing depending on your child’s age and preference. Also, the height and depth of the seat unit can be adjusted as your little one grows. 

5. Safe and secure 

The brake on the Bee5 is bright white in colour, meaning it can be clearly seen. It is also broad, which minimises the risk of your foot slipping off. Finally, it is really simple to operate – you just flip it on and off with your foot.

The Bugaboo Bee5 also features an extendable hood, that’ll protect your child against the rays of our tropical sun. 

bugaboo bee5 singapore

Bugaboo Bee5 Singapore: Space, safety and design – what more could a mummy ask for?

6. Space for baby and mummy items

The spacious basket on the Bee5 easily takes in all the essentials that must accompany a child: wet wipes, diapers, water bottles, lunch boxes – they all fit in without a problem. 

7. It’s lightweight

There’s nothing worse than trying to maneuver a huge, heavy stroller than perhaps trying to assemble/ dissemble one!

You won’t face this problem with the Bugaboo Bee5 that weighs just 8.9kg and folds up in one easy motion. It easily fits in a car boot, and can equally easily be lifted up into a bus. 

8. It’s worth every dollar

While Barenburg admits that the Bugaboo Bee5 Singapore does not come cheap, (it retails at SGD 1,149) he maintains that it does provide great value for money. According to Barenburg, Bugaboo is a sustainable business and the stroller’s design philosophy embodies the principle.

He shared that Bugaboo has a very big second-hand market. What makes this possible is the fact that, “a lot of the parts, such as the grip, the fabric cover etc can all be bought separately, and the new owner can refresh the old stroller and personalize it to their taste.”

We did a bit of detective work ourselves on Carousell to confirm what Barenburg said, and it’s true – the Bugaboo3 is being sold there for between SGD800-1000. 

So there you have it – the spill on the newest Bugaboo kid on the block – the Bee5.  If you are a mum to be, or looking to upgrade we strongly recommend that you consider this model. 

And for mums whose bubs are now active primary schoolers… don’t worry, you can still be part of the Bugaboo family. Just be on the lookout for the Bugaboo Boxer, a luggage system that will help add that dash of panache to your jet-setting life!

The Bugaboo Bee5 Singapore is available at the following stores: 


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