"Don't worry. I'm here": Brother Holds Nervous Sister's Hand While Ordering Food at Hawker Centre

"Don't worry. I'm here": Brother Holds Nervous Sister's Hand While Ordering Food at Hawker Centre

The girl was left to her own devices after being handed $5 by her dad and told to get her own food.

It can be reassuring to know that someone has got your back, no matter what. And sometimes, it is just what you need to pull through difficult situations.

Tasked to Order Her Own Food

Activities that seem like a piece of cake for many adults, such as ordering food or being sent on an errand, can be an overwhelming experience for a young child.

Just like this little girl who was tasked by her dad to order her own food, detailed in a Facebook post shared by Alex Chua on 13 June 2020.

Chua was queueing for his breakfast at Pek Kio Market and Food Centre and came to overhear the conversation between the girl and her father. Her dad also passed her a $5 note alongside his instruction. 

Being left to one’s own devices, especially in a sea of strangers appeared to have distressed the little girl.

According to Chua, the girl appeared to be in a nervous state and kept looking around after her father had left. 

It was only when her brother came to join her in the queue moments later, did she ease up. 

Brother Came to the Rescue

The girl grabbed onto her brother’s hand tightly and leaned closer to him, as though to seek courage.

While her brother’s presence seemed to provide the much-needed support, what he did next was the sweetest thing ever.

“Don’t worry. I’m here,” the brother reassures sister, giving her the push that she needed to bravely complete her task.

brother reassures sister

Brother reassures sister while standing at the social distancing marker at Pek Kio food centre. | Photo: Alex Chua/Facebook

The heartfelt moment was captured by Chua and shared on social media, garnering many “Awws” and positive responses.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Facebook users tagging their own siblings, as well as fellow parents leaving comments, wishing their kids would turn out to have such a close relationship.

Photo: Facebook screengrabs

Also, the love-hate relationship between siblings that can be sometimes annoying, yet endearing.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Sibling Goals

Growing up, it is a fairly common affair to experience sibling rivalry with our own brothers and sisters.

Undeniably, they get on our nerves sometimes, but we are also thankful for their existence. 

For some who are lucky enough to share loving moments together as siblings, and stand together in tough times, sibling love is one of the most rock-solid types of love out there. 

And like these siblings, it is reassuring to know that someone’s got your back, always.

Lead image via Alex Chua/Facebook


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