Why dirt is good for your child

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Find out how your child can enjoy the inevitable messiness of childhood like muddy knees and chocolate-smeared little fingers... and how you can stop worrying about cleaning up those messes! Also, don't forget to take the poll at the end of the article and tell us what you think about outdoor play for kids...

Getting dirty is an inevitable and wonderful part of childhood. Cuddling pets, making mud pies, splashing in puddles and finger-painting are just a few of the enjoyable, albeit messy things that kids just love to do.

Can you imagine your own childhood without such memories? Probably not. So it makes perfect sense to let your own kids create their very own beautifully messy memories, right?

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Do you remember how much fun it was to bury yourself under sand as a kid even though it was a totally messy experience?

These days, though, some mums are quite hesitant about letting their kids get dirty while playing. If you are such a mum, it’s natural for you to be worried about your child’s exposure to germs through dirt.

Like any other mum, you don’t want your child to get sick from unwanted germs. However, well-implemented hygiene measures in the areas of hand-washing, laundry and food hygiene can go a long way in preventing many illnesses.

You also might be anxious about the resulting mess that you will have to clean up after playtime. Stubborn grass stains on the knees of pants, bright bolognese sauce on onesies and sticky paint on your favourite white tablecloth are just some of the most common hard-to-remove dirt that you will encounter.

But mums, did you know that a little bit of dirt can actually be good for your child?

Exposure to dirt during childhood may help prevent conditions like asthma… Find out more on the next page.

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