Why dirt is good for your child

Why dirt is good for your child

Find out how your child can enjoy the inevitable messiness of childhood like muddy knees and chocolate-smeared little fingers... and how you can stop worrying about cleaning up those messes! Also, don't forget to take the poll at the end of the article and tell us what you think about outdoor play for kids...

Getting dirty is an inevitable and wonderful part of childhood. Cuddling pets, making mud pies, splashing in puddles and finger-painting are just a few of the enjoyable, albeit messy things that kids just love to do.

Can you imagine your own childhood without such memories? Probably not. So it makes perfect sense to let your own kids create their very own beautifully messy memories, right?

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Do you remember how much fun it was to bury yourself under sand as a kid even though it was a totally messy experience?

These days, though, some mums are quite hesitant about letting their kids get dirty while playing. If you are such a mum, it’s natural for you to be worried about your child’s exposure to germs through dirt.

Like any other mum, you don’t want your child to get sick from unwanted germs. However, well-implemented hygiene measures in the areas of hand-washing, laundry and food hygiene can go a long way in preventing many illnesses.

You also might be anxious about the resulting mess that you will have to clean up after playtime. Stubborn grass stains on the knees of pants, bright bolognese sauce on onesies and sticky paint on your favourite white tablecloth are just some of the most common hard-to-remove dirt that you will encounter.

But mums, did you know that a little bit of dirt can actually be good for your child?

Exposure to dirt during childhood may help prevent conditions like asthma… Find out more on the next page.

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Getting messy is a fun part of childhood!

Getting messy is okay sometimes

It’s true that through history, dirt has almost always had negative connotations linked to it. However getting dirty may actually be beneficial to your child for the following reasons:

It may help reduce the risk of illness

Paradoxically, research suggests that exposing young children to germs may result in greater immunity against certain diseases. They will be protected from conditions such as allergies and asthma as they grow into adulthood.

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Exposure to dirt at a young age may assist with building a child’s immunity system.

Your child will strengthen important developmental skills

Yes, allowing your child to paint is a messy process that involves paint everywhere. But each time that your child maneuvers the paintbrush with his fingers,  he is strengthening his fine motor skills.

When he paints a pink elephant with wings and tells you how this elephant can fly to moon for afternoon tea, he is developing his imagination and narrative skills.

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Sports are great for healthy physical development in kids… but you’ll also have loads of dirty, mud- and grass-stained clothes to wash!

It is part of sports

Sports are extremely important for a child’s healthy physical growth, preventing childhood obesity and related health issues. Yet, most sports involve children getting quite dirty.

So never mind the piles of dirty socks, shorts and t-shirts to be washed when your child comes home after soccer practice. The dirt is an inadvertent sign of your child’s increasing physical activity.

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Chocolate, chocolate, everywhere!

It is part of exploration

Children are born with a natural curiosity that drives them to explore and learn about his environment. But with exploration comes dirt.

A child must be given the opportunity to learn that rain and earth make mud and to experience chocolate’s unique taste and wonderful texture even if it means getting his clothes terribly dirty in the process.

And what if we told you about an effective solution to tackling those hard-to-remove stains on your kids’ clothing?

Find out on the next page about a laundry product that removes tough stains in just one step. Also take part in a poll and tell us what you think about outdoor play for kids and what you think are the toughest stains to remove off their clothes!

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Hooray for Breeze – for making mum’s life easier and play-time so much more fun for kids!

Breeze: Removing tough stains and celebrating the joys of childhood

Now you can give your children the freedom to get dirty and experience life with Breeze detergent’s superiority in tough cleaning. Breeze removes tough stains in one step without the need for bleaching, brushing or soaking.

So mums, let your child enjoy himself rolling about in the grass or making mud pies. Don’t worry about how to get rid of stubborn stains from his clothes because you now have Breeze as your able, stain-removing assistant.

Choose from four different types of Breeze liquid detergent that suit the kind of washing you need to do and the stains you need to remove.

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From left to right: Breeze Power Clean; Breeze Colour Care; Breeze Goodbye Musty; and Breeze Fragrance of Comfort.

1. Breeze Power Clean is simply amazing at getting rid of even the toughest stains on your white clothes and ensuring that they stay white.

2. Breeze Colour Care ensures the colours of your favourite clothes do not fade, even after multiple washes.

3. Breeze Goodbye Musty has been specially formulated to get rid of that horrible musty smell, a common problem we face in Singapore when drying clothes indoors.

4. Breeze Fragrance of Comfort not only removes tough stains in just one step, but also leaves your clothes with the long lasting fragrance of Comfort fabric conditioner.

So mums, let your kids have fun outdoors and make those happy messes. Know that with good hygiene practices and Breeze detergent, you won’t have to worry about germs or stains.

Watch this cute video below to see how Breeze detergent can help you remove tough stains off your kids’ clothing in just one step!

What do you think about outdoor play for kids and what, in your opinion, are the most difficult stains to remove off your kids’ clothes.



Richer, R. Dirt is Good. White Paper commissioned by Unilever.

Mums, let us know if you use Breeze products on your kids’ clothes and what you think of them. Please leave a comment below. 


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