The Difference Between Breastmilk, Cow's Milk And Formula Under The Microscope

The Difference Between Breastmilk, Cow's Milk And Formula Under The Microscope

What did a mummy see when she placed drops of breastmilk, formula milk and cow's milk under a microscope? Something amazing, that's what!

Some time ago, we brought you the story of Singapore mummy Rachel Lim, who put her breastmilk under the microscope and posted pictures of what she saw. 

Now, another mummy – Raven Avila – has also placed her expressed breastmilk (it was frozen and then thawed) under the microscope but this time, she also does the same with formula milk and cow’s milk. She wanted to also add goat’s milk to the mix, but explains in her viral Facebook post that she couldn’t find it at the time. 

The resulting pictures of the various magnified milks are amazing! But first, here’s the background to these images and why this mummy thought of checking them out under a microscope. 

breastmilk under microscope

Breastmilk | Image source: Facebook / Raven Avila

Raven’s Story

Raven explains, “so this is the difference between my breastmilk and formula under a microscope! Truly amazing what our bodies can do! Added a pic/video of cow’s milk and my Breastmilk that was frozen and then defrosted to room temperature.

The first pic/video are of my fresh breastmilk, the second pic/video are of 2oz prepared powdered formula mixed with tap water, the third pic/video are of 1% conventional cow’s milk, and the last pic/video are of my breastmilk that was frozen and then defrosted to room temperature.

“All pics/videos were taken under the same lighting conditions with a child’s microscope and a cellphone. 600x magnification.

“I am not making any medical or scientific claims about the differences or similarities of these liquids. These are just pretty images to look at.

breastmilk under microscope

Formula | Image source: Facebook / Raven Avila

“The comments are pouring in so I want to mention here that this is not meant to shame anyone! My son got a new microscope so I looked at my breastmilk, shared it in a mom group I’m in and they asked if I could do the same for formula, cow’s milk, and defrosted breastmilk (they also asked for other things like goats milk, etc but I don’t have that readily available.)

Incredible video of breastmilk under a microscope

Fresh Breastmilk

Posted by Raven Avila on Wednesday, 26 July 2017

“The images were incredible so I made a public post so other moms could share it. Breastfeeding is difficult and I have struggled with several different issues with both of my children and supplemented formula with my first.

“I have worked damn hard and am extremely proud of my breastfeeding journey. That being said if my son was hungry I would try to find him donor milk but if I couldn’t I wouldn’t hesitate to give him formula. AGAIN this is NOT a post about shaming moms who feed their babies formula.

Us mom’s [sic] deal with enough crap from everyone about all of our decisions so no shaming on my post or I’ll delete your comment.

breastmilk under microscope

Cow’s milk | Image source: Facebook / Raven Avila

“I want to use this amazing opportunity to spread love, awareness, and support! I encourage everyone to do their own research into EVERYTHING, breastfeeding, ingredients in formula, car seat safety, vaccine ingredients, Erythromycin, Vitamin K, Circumcision, Cloth diapers, conventional diapers, and even the food you feed your family.

“If you don’t know what something is- look it up, going to eat something- read the ingredients. As long as you are doing what is best for your family that’s all that matters! And please please please don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are struggling with breastfeeding!”

Wise words from a wise mama! Check out her Facebook post below with the incredible images. Don’t you just love how sparkly and magical the breastmilk looks?

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