Can I breastfeed if I have small breasts?

Can I breastfeed if I have small breasts?

I am planning on having a baby soon, and I am hoping to breastfeed, however, my breast are pretty small. Will I be able to breastfeed?

Don't worry if your breasts are small! When you get pregnant your breasts will naturally increase in size as the hormones will increase the number of structures in your breast. Everyone's breasts are different - however the size of your breast has no bearing on how well you will breastfeed. The only exception is if you suffer from a condition called breast hypoplasia. This is when you have insufficient glandular tissue (milk producing cells) in your breast.

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When in doubt, please refer to a lactation consultant, who can offer you more personalised advice according to you and your baby's situation.

theAsianparent also has a Singapore Breastfeeding Mums Support Group that you can join for mum-to-mum advice.
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