This mum shows the world what 'breastercising' is!

This mum shows the world what 'breastercising' is!

And she has six kids! Some mums are there to amaze, impress and motivate, just like Sharny...

Being mum to one child is exhausting enough and leaves many of with little or no time to even eat a proper meal, let alone exercise.

But one Australian mum of six (yes, six!) kids, Sharny Kieser, is putting even hardcore fitness buffs to shame with her 'breastercising' moves.

And no one is prouder of her than her husband, personal trainer Julius Kieser.

Julius, posting on both Facebook and Instagram, writes “I caught Sharny multitasking today. In public. ‪#‎breastercising‬.”

He jokingly adds, “I don’t get the whole breastfeeding in public problem. It’s not disgusting at all. I actually think we need more chest equality. If more girls got their boobs out, there would be less alcoholism and less drugs.”



Sometimes when I'm #breastercising, I live dangerously and do a really deep squat like this. I'm pretty sure that...

Posted by Sharny & Julius on Sunday, 31 January 2016

These posts come just two weeks after Sharny gave birth to her youngest (and sixth) child. But already, she's being judged by netizens for everything ranging from neglecting her kids to showing off.

Here are some of the things they are saying:

I honestly don’t understand why it’s necessary to exercise whilst breastfeeding? Is it even comfortable? Can you concentrate on doing the exercise properly?

Really! Breast feeding while exercising? I breastfeed my 3 children and felt that they deserved all my time and energy whether it be in public or private… We are/were all busy mums but I think our children deserve us to be completely in the moment with them.

Just seems way to self obsessed for my liking! Is it a lack of self confidence or a total “have to be skinny/ perfect thing. I’m sorry , but you put it out there to be judged. I’ll have to unlike your page so that I don’t have to be unkind.

But thankfully, for each hater there is also an admirer of this fit mum and her awesome multitasking abilities.

Looks like a bunch of healthy, happy kids and a Mama doing her thing. Just wondering how you juggle it all, do you have family support near by? Daycare for the older ones? Congratulations on your new little man!

Love it... I wish I knew about breastercising when I had my bubs

We understand that not all mums may have Sharny's incredible levels of fitness (after all, she does come from a fitness/ personal training background) or the energy to 'breastercise' as she does.

But, we also think that at the same time, Sharny sets a great example to us all in terms of breastfeeding and staying healthy through exercise after having kids (both so important for babies and mums), and we wish her all the more power to keep doing what she's doing.

What do you think about Sharny's 'breastercising' pictures? Share your thoughts in a comment below. 


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