Breast cancer vaccine will be ready in 3 years!

Breast cancer vaccine will be ready in 3 years!

We are totally ready for this breakthrough—a breast cancer vaccine could be ready in a short three years. Check out what the trial results say about this scientific wonder that would save many lives when it arrives…

Breast cancer vaccine will be ready in 3 years!

Apparently, this vaccine will train our body’s immune system to destroy tumours. Fingers crossed—it has worked in 90% of cases in lab tests. How does it work exactly? The vaccine drives the antibodies to zero in on the coating that surrounds the cancer cells and then terminates it. It works particularly well on breast and pancreatic tumours when tested on mice.

In the USA, a team from the University of Georgia, have already developed the vaccine and medics have begun testing on human cells. It’s projected that by 2013, clinical trials could be started on human beings. Professor Geert-Jan Boons, the study leader, said: "The vaccine elicits a very strong immune response. It activates all three components of the immune system to reduce tumour size."

"This is the first time a vaccine has been developed that trains the immune system to distinguish and kill cancer cells based on their different sugar structures, “ says Professor Sandra Gendler of the Arizona Mayo Clinic.

Another expert in the field, this time a British voice, welcomed the findings. Dr Caitlin Palframan, of Breakthrough Breast Cancer shared: "This exciting new approach could lead to treatments for breast cancer patients who have few options." But of course, trials need to be done on patients before anything can proceed.

We will not be holding our breaths but we sure do hope that the vaccine is a success and ready for the general population soon.

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