Breast Cancer Awareness on Facebook

Breast Cancer Awareness on Facebook

The new facebook trend is now updating a status to - I like it on the floor or I like it on the bed. This viral trend is spreading like wildfire among facebook fans. Read more about it.

A new trend has female Facebook users giving status updates like "I like it on the floor" or "I like it on the couch," but it seems they're revealing not where they like to have sex but where they keep their purses.

And it's all in support of breast cancer awareness month, which occurs each October.

The idea of the grass-roots effort seems to be that the sexy-yet-enigmatic updates will encourage women and men to think about breast cancer, according to Time magazine.

Last year, men (and a lot of women) were wondering why girls put random rumblings like “red”, “hot pink”, “electric blue lace” and other colors. They ended up asking, “Why do they put colors as their FB statuses?” The deal was to put the color of their bra – nothing else – on their Facebook statuses.
This year, ladies are tasked to ‘tell’ everyone as to where they want to set their handbags/purses when they have to put it down by finishing this sentence:
“I like it on the…”

This advocacy to raise cancer awareness is an attempt for women to unite around that cause. If you are a woman and you support the cause then answer the question. Perhaps, men can do the same to support the advocacy.

So here’s the entire campaign in a nutshell. By updating a status with such a mysteriously provocative statement, women are bringing attention to the breast cancer campaign.

There is nothing wrong with campaigning for breast cancer awareness In fact, the effects of successful campaigning for the disease has led to a significant reduction in the disease. Yet some question this effort. “What exactly does provocatively saying where you like to keep your purse have to do with a horrible disease that has challenged millions of lives?”

So where would you keep your purse?

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