BRAND'S AlphaTank Multivites

BRAND'S AlphaTank Multivites

BRAND'S, one of the leading companies in health nutrition, brings a series of health supplements to provide the nutrient needs of your child's active lifestyle.

BRAND'S, known for its health nutrition and "essence of chicken", brings a new series of health supplements to provide the nutrient needs of your child's active lifestyle. BRAND'S AlphaTank Multi-vitamins & Minerals for children contains a selected combination of 24 essential vitamins and minerals, formulated to support the healthy growth and development of your child.

Iron, Vitamin B complex, and biotin help the body to release energy from food, for your child's vitality to enjoy his daily activities. Choline works together with Vitamin B complex to aid in children's learning capability. Selenium works synergistically with other vitamins to help increase the anti-oxidant level in the body and improve the overall good health of the child.

Our take on the product:
With its delicate peachy flavour, it is a refreshing change from the usual orange which tends to leave your tongue feeling slightly raw. We can also assure that it will be no problem getting your kids to eat the "Pikin" plum sweet-esque Multivites, since we had two tablets each ourselves. What we didn't quite like, however, was the texture, which is slightly harder than usual chewable tablets, and so is wont to get stuck in your teeth a little. It leaves a mildly medicinal aftertaste as well. We also had quite a bit of trouble trying to open the lozenge-type packaging, with its thick aluminium layer. This might be useful, though, for keeping your children from getting to more than the recommended daily dosage, which they will quite probably try to do.

All in all, this product is worth a try for worried parents who don't think their children are getting all the nutrients they need in a day!

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