Brad Pitt rejected as a sperm donor by singer Melissa Etheridge

Brad Pitt rejected as a sperm donor by singer Melissa Etheridge

They would have been his first kids! Find out why Melissa declined the award-winning actor's offer to help her start a family with her same-sex partner

By all accounts, Brad Pitt seems like the perfect human specimen: smart, gorgeous, and talented. Brad Pitt rejected as sperm donor seems unthinkable!

Who wouldn’t want him to be the father of their children, right?

Award winning singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge passed. Hard to believe? Well, she revealed to Australia’s studio 10 that she declined Brad Pitt as sperm donor.

She and former partner Julie Cypher wanted start a family in the ‘90s,

“He was such a good friend of mine, and we did consider it,” said the 54-year-old rocker.


Melissa Etheridge and Brad Pitt in the 90s

What made her say no to Brad Pitt?

Being friends, they knew that Brad wanted to have his own family one day. Knowing this made them decide to decline his offer.

“I looked and I saw how badly he wanted children and I thought, ‘I don’t want to share this with someone who really, badly wants children because my children don’t need another parent — they have two,’” explained Melissa.

She and Julie later had kids of their own: a daughter, Bailey and son, Beckett, with the help of a fellow singer-songwriter who already had his own family.


Melissa with kids Bailey and Beckett (left) and Melissa with partner Tammy Lyn and kids Johnnie and Miller (right)

“It’s one of the reasons why David Crosby and his wife are so perfect — because they already had children,” she said. “They were looking to do this as a gift.”

Both of her children are teenagers now and—naturally—they’ve begun to ask questions.

“Of course, my teenagers now are like, ‘I could have had Brad Pitt as my dad!’ My son said, ‘I could’ve been amazingly handsome. But no!’” she laughed. “My children are lovely and gorgeous anyway.”

In 2006, Bailey and Beckett welcomed siblings Johnnie and Miller, who Melissa had with ex-partner Tammy Lynn Michaels.

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