Another reason to love Brad Pitt (as if we didn't have enough already!)

Another reason to love Brad Pitt (as if we didn't have enough already!)

Brad Pitt shares a touching post on his Facebook page, reminding us what parenting is actually all about.

Brad Pitt, with his oh-so-irresistible good looks, undying love for his wife Angelina Jolie, and charitable heart (having just adopted yet another child), has once again won over our hearts.

This time, through a heartfelt Facebook post. In the post, 51-year-old Brad,reminds us what parenting is really all about -- the everyday moments that make up a lifetime of memories.

The post tells a story about how a father rushes out of his home in the morning. Running late for a meeting, he forgets to kiss his daughter goodbye. The heartbroken daughter then calls him to remind him that she didn't get her regular goodbye. Forgetting the meeting for the moment, dad immediately turns back home just to give her that kiss.

At the end the post reads, "Fifteen years later, no one would remember I was late for a meeting, but my little girl would never ever forget that their father and mother drove all the way back home just to kiss them goodbye!"

Let us all follow Brad's advice and "repost if this brought a smile on your face."

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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