8-Year-Old Boy Dies After Man Pushes Him In Front Of Train

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Passengers waiting for trains in Germany are now being advised to stand at least two metres away from the platform edge...

In a senseless attack, a little boy lost his life, after a 40-year-old man pushed him and his mother onto the track, just as a high-speed train was pulling into the station.

The horrifying incident happened at Frankfurt's main train station in Germany, on 29 July 2019.

Boy gets hit by train, and dies

The motive for the attack remains unclear, and there appears to be no connection between the suspect and the victims.

Witnesses say that the man had approached the mother from behind without speaking, and pushed her onto the track.

The child's mother managed to save herself, by rolling into a safe gap between the two platforms. Sadly, the boy died instantly after being run over by the train. The mother was taken to hospital.

"The man concerned fled the station after the crime. Passers-by took up the chase and the man was detained near the station," police spokeswoman, Isabell Neumann, told reporters.

The suspect is now under interrogation.

There are reports that the man also tried to push another person onto the track, but she had managed to defend herself.

Train Station

After this incident, 6 platforms remained closed for several hours. This attack came 10 days after a 34-year-old woman was pushed in front of a train and killed in Voerde, in northern Germany.

Passengers waiting for trains in Germany are now being advised to look out for distressed or troubled faces. They have also been asked to stand at least two metres away from the platform edge.

Train safety tips for kids

A number of train-related tragedies are reported every year, many involving kids.

Here are some train and railroad safety tips for kids:

  • Trains are wider than the tracks. Never sit on the edge of a station platform.
  • Pay attention to painted or raised markings at the platform edge. Stay at least three feet from the train while it is coming in or out of the station.
  • Be careful while getting on and off the train. There may be a gap between the train and platform or steps.

boy gets hit by train

  • Follow directional signs, markings and lights that tell you where it is safe to cross the tracks. Crossing the tracks anywhere else is dangerous and illegal.

Look left, right and left before crossing the train tracks. Trains can come from either direction at any time. Pay attention around train tracks or in stations, obey all warning signs and signals and use caution when using headsets or mobile phones.

  • Never try to cross the tracks if a train is coming.
  • Never walk or play on or near the railroad tracks. It is dangerous and illegal.
  • When on board the train, hold on tight to poles or seats. Listen carefully to the instructions.

(Source: BBC, Reuters)

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