12-year-old boy dragged bruised and naked through the streets by his dad

12-year-old boy dragged bruised and naked through the streets by his dad

This horrifying video shows a little boy stripped naked and tied to a motorcycle by his own dad — all to punish him for a petty crime.

In the past, methods of disciplining children in many cultures were harsh to say the least. Thankfully now, more and more parents are realising that harsh discipline methods traumatise rather than teach. But some parents still turn to extreme means of punishment, with horrifying results. 

A shocking video has surfaced of a man dragging his son naked and bruised through the streets in China. The 12-year-old boy was stripped naked, shivering in the rain, and his hands tied with a rope to a motorcycle by his own father.

In the video, the little boy is visibly covered with bruises and cane marks. Furious passers-by are captured confronting the father, asking if the boy is his biological son.

When the father says yes, the good Samaritans demand why he beat his own flesh and blood so badly.

Caught stealing

Authorities say in the video above that the little boy was caught stealing money, speculating that the father could not control his son. The dad regularly beats his son for being "frequently naughty", Yunnan.c reports.

12-year-old boy dragged bruised and naked through the streets by his dad

The boy's situation is a pitiful one: he comes from a poor family and his mother earns a little money as a vegetable seller, the report claims.

The child found some money from under the bed — 100 yuan or a little over S$20, according to the South China Morning Post. He took it, and ran away from home for a few days. 

The father's harsh beating and shaming of his young son was an extreme punishment for his misdeeds. In the video, horrified passers-by can be seen demanding that the dad give his shivering son his jacket.

However, the little boy pushes the jacket back, frantically telling the crowd not to say any more. The father then drove away. 

Local police are still in the midst of investigations. 

Whether or not this father was well-intentioned in disciplining his son, the fact remains that his brutal actions are inexcusable. 

This little boy will likely have psychological scars that will linger throughout his life. It's truly heartrending to think of this young child's fear and humiliation at being beaten and stripped — all by the very man who is supposed to protect him.

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